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How To Achieve Character and Charm of Natural Stone

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Natural stone is an aesthetically appealing and robust architectural element to incorporate in your home’s interior and exterior decor. Its diversified design options and durability properties make it the leading material for luxury home finishes. The natural charm of natural stone exudes sophistication and a luxurious atmosphere in your residential or commercial building.

However, natural stone, despite being a solid element, can be damaged by extreme external conditions. Such conditions may affect the natural appearance of your stone and diminish its beauty. To maintain the charm and character of your stone finishes, ensure you incorporate the following practical tips:

Add Robust Sealants

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According to Saturnia Travertini all types of stone surfaces, such as Bianco Maremma and Montemerano Classico, should be appropriately sealed. The sealants make the finishes impervious to water and moisture, thus protecting the integrity of your natural stone.

The sacrificial layers will help your natural stone retain its natural beauty, texture, and color. In the sealing process, you can either opt for natural sealers or enhancing sealers. The natural sealers typically leave your stone with a polished appearance without necessarily altering the color or sheen of natural stone.

Consequently, the enhancing sealers enhance the color of your stone finishes and are more robust options to incorporate in commercial settings.

When selecting the best sealant material for your natural stone, ensure you consider the following factors:

  • Sealers minimize staining-sealers don’t entirely prevent stain accumulation on your stone finishes. The primary goal of sealants is to reduce the amount of staining agents that perforate through the stone.
  • They are multiple types of sealants available in the market; depending on the area you want to install your natural stone finishes, you should select a suitable sealant material. Ensure you consult experts before the installation of sealant on your surfaces.
  • Select natural stone sealants-they are a wide array of sealants available in the market, and most are not suitable for natural stone. Select a sealant that is specifically crafted for use on natural stone and significantly reduces water seepage and staining.

Regular Cleaning of Natural Stone

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If you want to retain the natural beauty and charm of natural stone, regular maintenance is required. The cleaning process allows for the removal of debris and any accumulated dirt. Typically, it enhances the beauty of your natural stone and skyrockets the value of your home.

The cleaning process incorporates a PH-neutral cleaning product that does not compromise the architectural integrity of the natural stone. A good maintenance hack for your stone is to regularly reseal as the sealant is bound to fade over time.  For best results, you can hire a professional who ensures the job is done perfectly.

Remove all Stains on your Stone Finishes

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Dirt, debris, and stains are inevitable on all home surfaces such as kitchen countertops, or bathroom and kitchen sinks. The offending substances diminish the value of your finishes and lower the aesthetic appeal of your interior and exterior design.

Stains can considerably damage your natural stone finishes, and it is wise to clear such substances. If the stain has left permanent damage on your stone finishes, ensure you re-hone or re-surface your stone finishes elements.

Another practical method to prevent the number of stains on your natural stone is to apply an efficient sealant material. The sealant prevents any unsightly markings on your natural stone and will retain the uniqueness and charm of your stone finishes.

Other Maintenance Hacks

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At very high temperatures, natural stone will disintegrate. Typically, stone can only withstand a temperature of 300 degrees. Things such as hot pans can cause some minor changes in your stone finishes, such as color change or little disintegration. Although stone is classified as a heat-resistant material, you should avoid placing hot pans on the stone countertops as it can compromise its aesthetics and architectural compactness.

Natural stones are preferred as they are often free from scratches, making them ideal for kitchen countertops. However, substances with high mineral hardness such as ceramics or china can scratch the robust material. Thus, when using such materials on your surfaces, ensure you place table mats.

If you have installed natural stone walls or floors in the bathroom areas, ensure you regularly wipe away the soap scum. The soap scum can clear away the sealant, thus leaving your stone finishes vulnerable to water and moisture seepage. You can use a brush to wipe away the soap scum located on the surfaces.

Why Use Natural Stone in your Luxury Home?

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Natural stone is a contemporary design that makes it a significant investment in modern and traditional homes. It skyrockets the value of your home and adds a touch of elegance and modern vibe hues in your interior and exterior decor.  Some of the reasons to consider incorporating natural stone in the residential and commercial building include:

  • Adds long-term aesthetic value to your home-natural stone adds something unique to your home. Its lasting value makes it a robust material to include in your floors, wall cladding, and countertops.
  • Unmatched durability- natural stone is not susceptible to damage and will not decay even when subjected to high moisture levels. Its strength and durability make it outstanding to incorporate in any space.
  • Unique character and charm-different types of natural stones have fantastic texture, color, and patterns. The outstanding uniqueness means the product cannot be duplicated. You can select any natural stone whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary feel in your luxury home.
  • Energy efficiency-stone finishes help regulate the internal temperatures of your home. It significantly enhances thermal comfort in the interior of your home and is the best material if you are looking to cut down on energy bills.

Key Takeaway

Natural stone adds elegance and a touch of class in residential and commercial environments. Since the materials have high strength, heat resistance, and durability characteristics, they will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and raise the home value. However, remember that you must regularly maintain your stone finishes to retain the beauty, character, and charm of these stone finishes.