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6 Successful Blogger Outreach Strategies to Build Authentic Relationships in 2024

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Whether you are a good person or not is up to other people to decide. The only thing you can do is try your best to build your reputation as such. The way you use SEO strategies to achieve good reputation with Google is by showing respect and adhering to its rules. Link building is where it truly becomes personal as you need to get those already liked by Google to like you. This is where blogger outreach comes to place. You will probably feel like a new student in a class but there are a couple of strategies which can help you through this.

Create amazing content

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Providing high-quality content is an investment in creating a solid foundation for your business’s future. Before you even decide to embark on an adventure called blogger outreach, make your website worth everyone’s while. Not only that it will help you reach out to people whose assistance you require, but it will make sure that your online visitors take interest in what you have to offer, provided they actually manage to find you.

Target the bloggers

The more the merrier is not really what you should go by. You should choose carefully when deciding who to connect to. Wrong choices will not always have a bad outcome but they can simply not matter and you will have wasted your time and valuable resources. Blogger outreach should focus on the blogs from the same niche. It should be someone with a big network of people already linked to them and of good reputation with Google. Also, the connection should have an influence on your target audience. If the blog is about things to do in Paris and you own a restaurant in Detroit, you linking to them probably won’t have an impact on the guests you are trying to attract. The only way this can project on your stats is that it increases the traffic on your website. However, it will increase the bounce rate as visitors you receive through that link will navigate away from your page the moment they realize you are on a different continent.

Personalized correspondence

Imagine someone came up to you and said: “I am so great and you seem ok. You should be my friend” Would you befriend them? Probably not unless you are delighted with their sense of humor. Take some time to get to know the person behind the blog. Their blog will pretty much have them exposed and you will know what their interests are. Seeing that you are in the same niche, you can probably find common ground and relate to something they have written. Let them know about it and share your thoughts on the subject. Use the opportunity to present your offer and explain how it could benefit both of you. Make the correspondence short and easy to read. Use semi-formal language to make your correspondence personal but not out-of-line. Depending on their response you can opt to either be formal and strictly professional or move onto being even more informal.

This is your offer…

You can either offer to contribute to their blog with an original guest post or something which is an updated or more elaborate version of what they already have.  Also, you can target them by searching through broken links so you can offer your original content as a replacement for the broken link. Perhaps you should be the one to show goodwill first and inform them that you liked them a lot and that you have used them as a reference in one of your posts.

Use social media

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A part of blogger outreach happens on social media. The first contact should be through an email as they are more professional and easier to track, however social media gives you a greater insight into your blogger’s personality and you can interact with them on a very personal level without exposing yourself too much. You can like their posts and comment on them. Social media is also liked by those providing link building services as with the right amount of activity you can attract the attention of a large number of people.

Keep track

Blogger outreach is about making connections and keeping them.  Keep track of your contacts and connections you have made. You won’t be able to memorize them all and in order to maintain relationships, you will have to be very attentive. Also, it may help you try a different approach or avoid those who did not respond well to you reaching out.

You know it and so do they, this is all business so be persistent and consistent and do not let yourself be emotional and hurt by rejection.