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Belviq Class Action Lawsuit: Legal Claims and Liability Law

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The Belviq class action lawsuit is one of the most popular and talked about cases in the world. Even though most of us have heard about it not many of us understand what the whole process is and what can happen with it. In this article, we are going to give you more information on the Belviq class action lawsuit and we will explain more about the legal claims as well as the liability law that allows this lawsuit to stand in court.

No matter if you have used this drug, you know someone that has used it, or you just want to have more information on the class action lawsuit, this article is going to give you all the information that you need.

Case and legal claims

The Belviq drug was initially advertised as the solution for all the problems that overweight people have. Most of us struggle with some excess weight and we all want to find a way to easily get rid of all those extra pounds without having to hit the gym or change our eating habits. This supplement was supposed to help with losing weight and it was supposed to help everyone reach their target figure without any issues that could affect their long-term health.

Everyone who got information about this supplement did not get any specific data on the potential side effects and the issues that could happen if they start and continue taking the drug. Some of the most common side effects that come with this product include headache, nausea, back pain, dizziness, depression and anxiety, infections, and stress. The biggest side effect that was not mentioned is cancer.

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A huge percentage of the people who decided to take this supplement was diagnosed with lung, pancreatic, or colorectal cancer among others. This data led to a Belviq recall, but for many of the people who already took it, it was already too late. A lot of users already had a great number of Belviq side effects and they decided that they are going to try and present their cases together and with the help of the right teams, create the Belviq class action lawsuit.

This lawsuit is made to help patients get monetary compensation. Even though every case is different and unique this lawsuit can help patients recover money for their lost wages, a loss of earning capacity, past and future medical bills, as well as compensation for their pain and suffering. In case a loved one passed away because of this drug, the family of the deceased can be compensated for all the funeral expenses and medical bills.

For a patient to be eligible to become part of this lawsuit they need to meet some of the criteria. These criteria include that the patient is over the legal age of 18 right now and they were also of legal age when they started taking this supplement. The patient has to have an official cancer diagnosis after they have used any type of lorcaserin, including Belviq.

The Belviq case is an extremely complex case and if you or a loved one has been using this supplement and if you have been diagnosed with any type of cancer after the use of the drug, you can talk to your legal advisor and see if you can become part of the Belviq lawsuit.

How does the law apply to this lawsuit?

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Even though the laws and regulations can greatly differ depending on the country and the state, there are some laws that are the same for every place. If some of the following legal theories can be proven, it means that a lawsuit can be brought and it will stand in court. The Belviq lawsuit is possible only because of some or all of the theories we are going to talk about.

The first theory that has been considered when creating the lawsuit was the design defect. This means that the manufacturer has created the supplement with the design specifications in mind but the design as is, makes the content unsafe for use or ineffective. The second thing that can happen is a manufacturing defect. In this case, there are no issues when it comes to the design and there is a problem when it comes to the manufacturing process.

This means that there is an issue during the production process and because of that problem the drug is unsafe for use or it is ineffective. In the Belviq case, the product that was sold was not just ineffective but it actually turned out to be linked with cancer making it unsafe for use.

The third theory that a lawsuit can be based on is the failure to warn. This means that the risks of taking Belviq were not stated and the drug manufacturer did not warn the public of the things that can happen and they did not give proper instructions when it comes to the use of this supplement.

The general public did not consent to all the possible side effects and they were not given the needed information to be able to make a decision on their own knowing what the worst thing that can happen could be.

Every day we take medicine and we are aware of all the negative things that come with it but when it came to this supplement everyone who decided to take it was not properly informed and they did not know what the overall risks are.

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Since the manufacturer of this supplement was not open and honest about all the possible risks that can come with taking the drug, the patients who have used that and who have exhibited the side effects are eligible to form a class action lawsuit and ask for compensation for their treatment, recovery, and stress that was brought because of this product.

If you have used this product with its generic name, or you know someone who has used it and if you are exhibiting the side effects that come with it, then you should talk to your lawyer and see what you can do to join the Belviq class action lawsuit.