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AdSense: How it Works?

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People tend to ask a question how can they earn money online. Well, one of good methods of earning some cash and maybe make a living out of it is Google Adsense. But be aware, this method is not a scheme where you earn money quickly. It can take really long time to earn anything from it but if you do it for the long period of time it will pay off.

So what really is AdSense?

It’s a program that allows people who own website or blog to earn money by putting Google ads on their page. Google is of course earning bigger cut and you are left with small percent but still you can generate good bucks. You can earn with AdSense in 2 different methods. Earning with clicks is one way. Money is generating when people click on Google ads on your site, keep it mind that you never click your own ad. The other way is with impressions, it means earning money with views of your page or posts that have ads. To explain it more simpler, try to sign up for one AdSense account, and after your page is approved, you can add code to your website or blog.

You are the one that choose where ads will appear, how they will look and you can also choose the kind of ads you wish to put. When you reach minimum earning of $100 dollars, Google is sending you check on paper or if you choose you can have your money directly deposited in bank account. Anyone who is blogger or using WordPress hosted site can apply for AdSense account. Some of the users are earning their full income through AdSense but it’s not an easy task. You need to have much traffic and like I said it could take you lots of time. This is because not all ads are worth the same, some of them are worth more then others per one click. How many ads you will have clicked depends on how much traffic you have and what type of keywords are searched by people. So you see there’s many factors that will decide how much you will earn in the end. Lots of people start to get nervous and impatient when they don’t earn money for few months. If you are in a search for something that will pay you today, then AdSense is not for you. But honestly I don’t know of anything online that pays you immediately.

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Your best chance of getting money is having traffic that’s growing, people are turning to Google when they search how to fix some problem, if you have solution for their problems using SEO marketing will help you rank your website better in searches. You have to keep in mind few important things if you want to have any success. Like you know, Google can find out or knows everything you do online. So don’t ever think clicking your own ads. Clicking ad 30 times sounds very tempting to generate money but it could also probably result in your account being banned from AdSense.

Even if you are really good at making money with AdSense never really only on this for full income. You are never sure when something bad will trigger Google to ban all your accounts and websites. There are many people that are complaining they are not accepted by Google with their websites. Reasons for this include having little content on page, no original or duplicated content or it’s just that page is violating some of the guidelines of AdSense. You can increase chances of being accepted by making sure you have rich content that’s not copied from other people.

AdSense is really great way of earning online legal way, but you must put extra effort. It’s easy to use once you understand how it all works and very reliable. If you still don’t have an account, try to apply and hope one day your story will also be included in successful AdSense stories.