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A Guide to SEO for Local Businesses


Optimization, ad campaigns on social networks and everything else that internet brings, enabled local businesses to overcome local boundaries. Today everybody talks about how with the help of the Internet, market is not only a city where you do business, but the whole country, even the world. But some businesses are local by their nature and their market must remain local. Pizzeria from your neighborhood can perform and deliver to their customers in another part of town, but it can not expand its market to the surrounding towns. It is the same with many other activities. Owners of local businesses should take care on how to capture all potential customers from their surroundings.

One study found that users of smartphones in the United States in as much as 95 percent of cases through time are looking for information about local businesses (about products and services that are close to them). In the same study there were two more amazing facts:

77% of consumers who conducted a local search on their smartphone will contact some of the companies they found

50% of consumers who conducted a local search on their smartphone visited a store within a day

These are crucial information to understand how the SEO for local businesses is important. When a local company appears on a high position in the Google search to someone who is in the same city (or street) job is already half concluded. People are looking for the closest, fastest and easiest solution.

The aim of local business owners in Google Search is to “pick up” all the potential customers from their engagement area. The goal of using Google search to find a certain product or service is to find it in your city. With local businesses competing for the top spots in those searches, knowing how to optimize your website accordingly is key. To help you learn more about SEO for local businesses, SurePayroll created the infographic below. Check it out to learn the anatomy of a local Google search results page, how to optimize your website for local searches, and how to separate your search result from everyone else’s.


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