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A Guide to Referrer Spam in 2015


In the recent time there were recorded increasing spam referrals on reports from the Google Analytics service. Referral is visit by clicking on a link to your site from other sites. Actually it is not a serious security problem but a bit irritating for the simple reason because it affects the accuracy and reliability of reports on site traffic and so creates problems for SEO optimization. This creates a false image of a large increase in traffic, especially on sites that have less traffic.

There are two types of referral spams “Bot spam” and “Ghost spam”.  Fortunately Bot Spam can be brought under control to some extent because unwanted bot access to our website can be simply prohibited, and the bot must physically visit your website to do the task. But with Ghost spam is a little different situation. Spammers have found a way to take your tracking ID and sent it to Analytics service without visiting your website, and you get a referral shown in the report that in fact there was no traffic to your website.

To understand what it is, how it happens and four ways to approach filtering out the referrer spam from your Google Analytics account, check out this infographic below: