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7 Steps for Successful App Store Optimization (ASO)


Based on research, the apps with keywords in the title are ranked on average 10.3% higher than those without them. With more than two million mobile applications in the largest online markets and shops, one of the biggest problems publishers and authors are faced today is finding / noticing the app in store by the user. First of all, it is important to understand that there are various methods for advertising applications. One of the most important techniques that most people continue to overlook is the App Store Optimization or ASO. Once you create a mobile application, the job is nowhere near over, because the ultimate goal is to introduce app to potential users, as most programmers neglects or take lightly.

What is the App Store Optimization (ASO)?

ASO is the process of optimizing mobile applications, to accomplish high ranking in search results in the App Store. As the application is on a higher position in the search results of a store, it is therefore visible to potential customers. This increased visibility in translation means visited pages of some app in the store. So, the goal of App store optimization is more traffic on the site of application in the store, so that users bring to the ultimate action – downloading. Also, the ASO process requires an understanding of the target group of users, including keywords, which potential customers use to find an application similar to yours. When you learn more about which keywords to use, you will have a better understanding of the language of your potential customers, which is a key part of any marketing plan, and then you can focus on your choice of keywords.

Why is the App Store Optimization important?

According to research, 63% of applications are detected by search in the App store.  This makes the search in the stores the most frequently used methods to detect and download new applications. If you do not use ASO in order to increase search ranking, aou missing out on the most available channel which is used to detect your application. With hundreds of thousands of applications in every App store, which are struggling to rank one above the other, incredible fact is that most publishers do not invest anything in the ASO. Hence, the ASO is your secret weapon. Spend time each week to improve the pp store optimization, and it will affect the ranking and overall success of your application.

Below you can check infographic with 7 7 Steps for Successful App Store Optimization: