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16 Most Useful Search Engine Optimization Tips


In this article we’ll provide you a few tips to make your website search engine optimization safe and according to Google rules. By now you’ve probably already encountered several times on blogs and sites that provide various SEO tips. Although Google seems a bit confusing and hard to understand sometimes, we will show you some tricks that we believe will never be obsolete. Google is increasingly began to build his own algorithm because of which many websites lost turnover and were penalized overnight, so to avoid this scenario you should respect some of golden rules that should always be used.

One thing is very important to keep in mind, and that is that Google wants to ensure only the highest quality content that is relevant to the search term in the search results. To make your site search engine optimization  the best possible first and foremost focus on writing articles. Each article must be meaningful and well written. It is recommended that you write the text of at least 300 characters. Watch out for mistakes and spelling. Many sites because of this and similar problems are degraded in the search engines.

Besides that, according to Ahrefs research, the most important factor for an optimized website is site layout and architecture, which contains well-researched and relevant keywords with proper title tags, meta descriptions, header tags and vice-versa. The architecture of your site is the key to SEO success. Your site needs to have the right framework – solid design and good architecture applied and supported content and links within the site.

You can never get enough of tips for search engine optimization, each new advice is welcome in order to improve your site rank and quality in general, so below you should check out the infographic by Dilate Digital which provides the best SEO tips for your site, you will definitely will not regret: