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Top Reasons You Should Enlist a Firearm and Weapon Charges Lawyer

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You are over 18 years old, have passed the firearm safety course, and are licensed to hold a firearm. You also renew the license as per Canadian gun laws. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you can’t be charged with firearm and weapon charges. How you store, use, or your intention could land you in trouble.

Even when you feel the case is straightforward, enlisting a weapon charges defence lawyer is in your best interest. This is more so considering the consequences of a conviction. You could incur hefty fines or land in jail, leaving you with a record that could pose long-term consequences. Among the reasons you should at least consult, if not hire, a weapons charges lawyer in Canada includes:

Legal understanding

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What type of you weapon is involved, its intended use, and circumstances that led to the charges? Weapon laws are complex, and the charges against you could be more serious than anticipated. Your lawyer will help you understand the charges, potential penalties, and legal defences that can help secure a favourable verdict.

Protect your rights

You know your rights, such as remaining silent without a lawyer present, but to what extent? The rigorous questioning can get the better of you, which leads many to break down and say things that could be used against their case. Enlisting a lawyer avoids such pitfalls. The weapon charges lawyer also ensures you are well informed and your rights are well protected. For instance, they can challenge the process and establish if there was reasonable search and seizure. This ensures that the evidence that was unlawfully obtained is not used. Any violation of your rights could see the charges drop or significantly reduced, emphasizing the need to hire a lawyer for thorough protection.

Strong defence

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A solid defence can help ensure that the weapon charges don’t lead to severe punishment. An experienced lawyer ensures that your defence is based on solid evidence. They investigate the circumstances and details leading to the charges and gather evidence, including interviewing witnesses. A strong defence strategy explores various approaches. For instance, the lawyer can argue a lack of intent or self-defence. Your case is unique, and the right strategy helps ensure you realize favourable results.

Handle negotiations

Your charges could necessitate negotiating with the prosecutor. Lawyers are skilled negotiators and can help secure a reduced charge and get a more lenient sentence. For instance, the lawyer can provide mitigating factors like rehabilitation evidence or no prior record. In case of a conviction, the lawyer’s sentencing advocacy can also help secure a fair and just verdict. They can argue for alternatives like rehabilitation programs, community service or probation, which can minimize the consequences of weapon charges.

Court representation

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Your weapon charges could go to trial. Given your emotional attachment to the case, you may not be best suited to argue the facts and present a strong defence. An experienced lawyer can objectively present your defence and thoroughly cross-examine witnesses. Their expertise also means they are best suited to navigate the legal systems to deliver a compelling case to the judge and/or jury. Such representation can help secure a fair and favourable verdict.

Weapon charges can result in serious charges considering the safety risks to others. As such, it is recommended that you enlist legal representation from a qualified and experienced criminal defence lawyer. The lawyer will guide you through the legal process and help you get the best possible outcome.