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Super Method for Write From Dictation and Essay Writing in PTE Academic

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PTE Write from Dictation is the last module of the PTE Listening section. In this module, you will listen to an audio and then write the whole phrase or sentence. To get a full score in this section, you must write the same as the dictated sentence. These simple questions can be quite good for your score, especially as they also contribute to scores both in the Listening and Writing section. If the audio is up to 7 words, there will not be any difficulty to remember it but the problem arises when the number of words has increased up to 12-13 words. It is very difficult for anybody to remember a long sentence. In the PTE Test, you will get 3-4 questions of this type. You should not do any spelling mistakes in it. Do not leave any word, and do not replace any word otherwise, you will not get a full score in this question type.

If the audio is lengthy, you can divide it into chunks. The audio will not repeat again, so listen to it carefully. Do not listen and write together. Some students do this common mistake while attempting this question. As a result, they cannot fully understand the audio, so if you will not listen to it then it shall not be possible for you to write it. So, try to understand the meaning. As it is very lengthy, so you cannot memorize it. You can note down the important keywords in the shortest form as much as you can understand them. You should write the main points only in short form. Later on, you can write it in the form of a complete sentence.

You can put articles “a, an, the”, as per the requirement of the sentence. There is no need to pay attention to them while listening to the audio. If you understand the meaning or the main points, you can elaborate it accordingly and put articles as per the words. Keywords are all that matter in the real pte. You can refer this for more details: https://ptemocktests.com/real-pte.

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Similarly, every sentence must have a verb. You can put any verb (is, am, was, were, has, have) according to the subject of the sentence. You can also check the singular plural in it. The spelling you have written should be correct otherwise your marks will be deducted. If you are good at grammar, you should need not to be worry, but if you are weak in English grammar, then you have to work on it to improve it. You can join any free online course to increase your grammar and vocabulary. Free practice or learning material is available on the internet.

You have to practice this technique to do this module efficiently in a less time period. It is only possible with practice. When you practice, you will find your mistakes, learn from them and bring improvement in yourself. The PTE Mock tests help you to test your learning in a real-time environment. Taking mock tests shall improve your time management skills.

Essay writing is the main part of the writing section in the PTE test. It tests your Grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and writing skills. Essay writing is an art but with practice, any student can learn it. Here, I am sharing some tips to write an essay in an effective way:

1. Read and understand the topic carefully:

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This is the first step, to understand the topic. Some students, misinterpret the meaning of the topic in hurry. Read the topic twice and understand, what has been inquired about in the topic. If you understand the topic, you can write it easily. Your essay should be simple and related to the topic.

2. Do not start writing immediately:

Do not start writing just after reading the topic. Relax your mind so that you can concentrate properly. It will not waste your time but help you to organize the topic and saves time. First, think about the topic, main idea, their positive and negative points, and the words which you will use in writing an essay. What key points should be focussed on in the essay and what point of view to present and discuss in it? There should be clarity of idea.

3. Write an essay in a structured way:

The essay should be in a planned manner with a proper structure. Do not use bullets or numbers in writing an essay. It should not be more than three or four paragraphs. In the first paragraph, give an Introduction. The first sentence of the essay should grab the attention of the reader. The 2nd and 3rd paragraphs explain the main idea, it simply provides support to the main topic. You can elaborate on the main topic by using quotations, evidence, examples, and your supporting views and the last paragraph gives a conclusion. You have to show your writing ability in the test, so pay attention to the vocabulary, punctuations, phrases, and grammar. If you use correct grammar and complex sentences, you will get a high score. Make sure your paragraph order makes sense. There should be clarity while writing an essay so that you can convey your message to the reader.

4. Keep word and time limit in your mind:

The word limit of an essay is from 200-300 words. The word count is given at the bottom of the screen, so be careful while writing. There should not be any spelling mistakes or typing errors. You have to write an essay within 20 minutes which is sufficient time to write it. Do not leave important points and give a clear picture of the topic.

5. Review what you have written:

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Once you have completed your Essay, devote the last one or two minutes to checking your grammatical mistakes, typing errors, spelling mistakes, repetition of words, etc. There should be clarity in writing an essay so that readers can understand your message. There should not a repetition of words, you can use the synonyms of the same word.

6. Practice and Practice:

With more practice, you can improve your writing skill. The practice material is enormously available on the internet. You can also practice with previous years’ PTE topics or can take any online course of PTE Mock tests.

I hope, that if you follow these tips carefully, you will get a good score in this section.