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What should marketers watch in 2015

Data is streaming from your customers right now… from their phones, their social platforms, their work desktop, their tablets, and even their cars. It’s not slowing down. I was recently visiting our family home in Florida where we upgraded the home alarm system.

The alarm is connected via the Internet and if the Internet is down, it connects via an internal wireless connection (and battery if power is lost). The system is programmed to detect and shout out every door, window or even if the garage door is open. We can also control it all from our smartphones.

Cameras are connected via online DVR and mobile application that I can look at day or night. From Indiana, you can walk up to the house, and I can see you and turn off the alarm or open the door from Indiana. In the garage is a new Ford with Sync system, communicating diagnostics to the dealer and connected to my Mom’s music collection and contact list.

My Mom even has a defibrillator in her chest and a station she walks over to that transmits all of her data to her Doctor to review. As I was watching her do just that, I was in total awe of the number of devices that were already connected and driving megabytes of data daily out of the home… without anyone even on the computer.

What does it mean for marketers, though? It means every marketer needs to tap into big data, use it effectively, and deploy personalized campaigns instantly to increase the value they have to their prospects and customers. This new world of connected things is the centerpiece of Google’s latest infographic on the three technology trends that marketers need to watch in 2015.

From Think With Google

At the start of every year, we all try to predict what’s to come. What trends will shape the industry? What technologies will people embrace? While we don’t have crystal balls, we do have search data. And as a vast collection of consumer intentions, it can be a great bellwether of trends. We looked at searches on Google and dug through industry research to see what’s actually catching on.

  • Connected life platforms are emerging – The Internet of Things is officially a thing. As devices proliferate and start to work together, connected objects will become platforms for your life. They’ll help you with the things you do every day – from entertainment to driving to taking care of your home.
  • Mobile shapes the Internet of Me – Your smartphone is getting smarter. As the hub for all these connected platforms, it can use lots of data to create better, personalized experiences. The Internet of Things is becoming an Internet of Me – all to simplify your life.
  • The speed of life gets even faster – Online or off, we can now get information, entertainment, and services in the exact moment we want them. These quick moments of decision making happen constantly – and the more connected we are, the more they’ll happen.