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6 Reasons You Need To Call A Tree Professional Lopping Company – 2024 Guide

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Few things can affect the appearance of our surroundings as beautifully as trees. So many different species, that vary in size, leaf shape and everything else. And with huge aesthetic value, there is something even more important that the trees give us. It produces the oxygen we breathe and human life would not be possible without huge woods all over the world.

That is why we should treat trees with a lot of care and respect. This requires various tasks that we must do to regularly care for our trees and keep our environment safe. Yet it is usually too demanding a job for us who do not have the proper botanical knowledge nor the right equipment. That is why there are specialized companies that offer the service we need. What are the reasons why you need a professional tree lopping company, read below.

The difference between pruning and lopping

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There is a difference between these two things. Pruning is more a matter of maintaining health, and lopping is about maintaining appearance. Pruning is the cutting of dead branches so as not to unnecessarily divert nutrients from other, healthy branches. You can think of lopping as haircut, where the branches are cut off to beautify the canopy or reduce the work of cleaning the leaves. Both things need to be done and every true arborist will know how to do both the right way.

1. They are educated

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While it may seem to you that pruning, lopping and other things that need to be done are simple, you are wrong. That doesn’t mean just taking and cutting off branches. So many factors affect the whole process. The first thing that matters is what kind of tree it is and what its annual cycle is in order to know the exact right time when it is time to prune and when it is safe to do lopping. This must not be done at the wrong time, as it can have a very bad effect on the health of the plant. Then it is done differently with evergreen, and differently with deciduous trees. You should also know where the cut should be made on the branches and at what angle. Only a professional arborist knows all this and much more.

2. Maintaining plant health

The tree may be less susceptible to various diseases than some more sensitive plants, but it can certainly be attacked by various diseases. These are mainly fungi, but there are various other pests that can completely destroy the plant if the necessary steps are not taken in time. Lopping has a very big impact on preserving the health of plants, and professionals will also know what chemicals to use to treat wood and get rid of fungus and everything else. Termites can also be fatal, so they must be exterminated as soon as possible.

3. Aesthetic corrections

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We all want our garden to be as beautiful as possible. This is not possible if we let the trees grow wild, as in a forest, without any shaping. Shaping is a process where the crown is arranged so that it is symmetrical and fits perfectly into the environment. As experts from AB Trees company told us, cleaning and lifting the crown are the two most common shaping techniques used. All this is of course done in accordance with the rules and with great care not to compromise the health of the plant. During cleaning, all dead or intertwined branches are removed so that the crown will no longer look cluttered but tidy. Lifting is the removal of low branches to give the visual impression that the tree is taller and more elegant. And that way you get more sunlight in your garden.

4. Keep your garden safe

Safety must always come first, and trees, no matter how beautiful, can be a potential danger to us. If it is not maintained regularly, it can fall on us or damage our house. Damaged, dead and low hanging branches must be removed regularly so that they do not fall on us, passers-by or on our house and thus damage it. Branches can also become entangled in electrical installations, which is very dangerous. It must also be regularly inspected for fungi, termites and other pests that can impair the stability of the tree, without us being able to see it with the naked eye. Don’t wait for a branch to fall and destroy your roof during a storm, but contact professionals on time.

5. You do not have the proper equipment

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It is certain that you do not have all the equipment that professionals have, nor is there a need to spend so much money and buy everything. You need different shears to get started. There are shears of different lengths and strengths for different types of plants. Then saws, small scissors and more is just basic equipment that professionals have and you don’t have. When we talk about security, it is necessary to have the right equipment. Helmets, protective gloves, a special type of clothing is a must-have when doing this job which can be dangerous if you don’t have the right equipment.

6. Efficiency

It is a job that takes a lot of time and requires serious effort. It can be done quickly, efficiently and in the right way only by people who are experts in it and do it every day, so they are well-trained. If you tried to just do it, you would spend days and you probably wouldn’t do everything the right way. You realize that if you hire a company that specializes in tree lopping, you will get the best value for money and the fastest service.


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If you have fruit trees, then you have another reason why maintaining the plant in the right way is necessary. In addition to aesthetics and safety, it is also important to accelerate fruit growth. Pruning and lopping promote fruit growth, while unprofessionally performed pruning or neglect of the plant leads to very poor yield.