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Top 3 Photoshop Magazine Templates in 2015


Every day we are increasingly faced with the digital form of printed magazines that are familiar to us. What is the reason? Why large corporations are doing a digital version of their magazines? The answer is very clear. To make it easier to access the contents of your favorite magazines all over magazines introduces digital version. Why you have to flip through a magazine every month when you can do it via your computer, smartphone or even a tablet? All you need is to switch to a digital subscription. Digital editions have become much more than a replica of the printed editions. The digital version will be able to access the audio and video data to your favorite magazine which is not possible in the printed edition. But today we’re not going to write about digital magazines, we will write about best digital templates for magazines.

Usage of templates

Templates are eletronic files that predetermine the look of an document and leaves room for optimization. A template is a tool for enforcing a standard layout and look and feel across multiple pages or within content regions. When you change a template, any pages or regions that are based on that template are automatically changed as well. Templates provide additional standardization controls, depending on the type you use.

PSD Files

The native file extension of Adobe Photoshop is PSD, which stands for “Photoshop Standard Document.” A template can be designed in a single PSD file. When you open the file there you can see multiple layers, and you can use them to set up your background image, text column or even a banner. PSD format is very popular format for design templates. The main reason of that is because PSD supports graphics, text and layout manipulations. PSD templates are useful even to an advanced designer; there are several things to consider. First, you must have Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer in order to open and use a PSD file, and your version must be compatible with the version used to create the template. Second, you should beware of scams and potential viruses if downloading a PSD template from a source with which you are not familiar. Third, if you are not familiar with layers in Photoshop or another application, ask a friend or colleague to help you during your initial navigation, or consider a non-layered template.

Best Photoshop magazine templates to use

Having problems with picking right templates? Templates you have picked are not good enough? You are tired of magazine templates that don’t fit your style? We will represent to you best rated PSD Photoshop magazine templates in the 2015.

Photoshop Magazine Templates Big Bundle

photoshop magazine templates bundle

With a large selection of templates, you will surely find something that will be the way you want. The diversity of this package allows different design to belong to different categories. You only have to choose what kind of look you want and start working. Photoshop Magazine Big Bundle is a template bundle containing 336 page layouts, 80 pages of multipurpose magazine with 2x cover, 40 pages of travel magazine, 130 pages of multipurpose magazine, 26 pages of bridal/wedding magazine, 24 pages of art magazine and 30 pages of fashion magazine. PLUS EXTRA: 9 magazine templates and 6 Ad templates. Preview and download here.


10x Photobook Photoshop Templates Bundle

photoshop magazine templates photobook

With a various styles of design this template bundle is perfect for making photo books, editing them with Photoshop or InDesign in A4 format. Many photographers use these templates. With variety of templates this bundle is great to use because you can easily drop images into frames using InDesign and drop images into Smart Objects using Photoshop. 10x Photobook Bundle is including40 pages of Photoshop Wedding Photobook Template40 pages of Vintage Wedding Photobook Template50 pages of Wedding Photobook Templates60 pages of Wedding Photobook Templates60 pages of Wedding Photobook Templates BeRoyal Wedding Photobook TemplateEnter – Photobook TemplateGery – Photobook TemplateCadmo – Photobook TemplateSwedy – Photobook Template. Preview and Download bundle here.


3in1 Photoshop Magazine Templates Bundle

photoshop magazine templates-2

Professional and clean multipurpose magazine template. Fully layered and very easy to customize. Designed with adobe photoshop CS5 (works with CS4 and higher)..  You can use it for any category of magazines. You just drop you’re your text and pictures and you are ready. Preview and download here.

Which photoshop magazne templates to choose?

We have showed you 3 different kind of templates. How to decide what one you need? It depends on type of job you are doing. Magazine Big Bundle and 3in1 bundle are for people who work alot with magazines. But if you are more about photos oriented, 10x Photobook Templates are must have(to keep your photos in high quality). Whichever product you choose we are sure that you will not regret it.