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How Effective Are Home Teeth Whitening Products – 2024 Guide

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We all want to have that famous Hollywood smile. Therefore, we often try to make our teeth whiter and more beautiful by using various methods. When we do this at home on our own, many become skeptical and wonder how effective home teeth whitening products are? So we will try to present this in our 2024 guide.

White Teeth Affect Our Self-Confidence

Our teeth are participating in the procedures of chewing and speech, but they also help us look good. When you have a lovely smile you will always seem always appealing to other people – regardless of age.

A stunning smile is really important because you usually have only a few seconds to leave a good first impression on people you encounter on a personal or professional level. Compared to people with perfectly shiny white teeth – people with imperfect smiles feel less appealing. So we can say that white, healthy teeth can truly boost our self-confidence.

Natural Teeth Color And Causes Of Teeth Staining

In most people, the natural color of the teeth varies from yellow to gray shades. As teeth age, they naturally acquire a darker color, and their appearance is also influenced by genetics – as well as the accumulation of surface pigments. Still, we all want to have a perfect smile and beautiful, shiny teeth. But how can we achieve that? Some of us were not blessed by nature to have shiny-white teeth. Also, we often face discoloration of teeth due to consuming coffee, tea, cigarettes, or some kinds of food.

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That is the reason for often turning to teeth-whitening. This procedure is a very effective and popular means of lightening our natural teeth’ color. It is an aesthetic method for removing various stains, or overcoming the lack of color – after which we will have whiter teeth. The whitening of our teeth can be performed in the dental office, or even at our own house by using special products for such a purpose. If you plan on doing this by yourself, you have probably wondered whether it is truly working.

What You Must Know Prior To Whitening Procedure?

The stains on our teeth may be internal or external ones. The ones on the inside of our teeth are called internal, while the surface ones are external pigmentations. The whitening technique is most effective on surface pigmentations. The products intended for home whitening can be remarkably efficient in such cases, but you must first meet certain conditions to start working on the whitening procedure. First of all, if you have any issues with your oral or dental health – you must first solve that problem. For instance, caries should be cured before you start this procedure – so that the fluids used for whitening don’t penetrate the inner parts of your teeth. So, before you begin with any whitening procedure, make sure you have paid a visit to the dentist.

The Effectiveness Of Whitening Products

As we have already said, this procedure begins with tooth repair, if something like that is necessary. make sure you don’t have caries because such teeth are porous and whitening fluids or gels will make them oversensitive and start to hurt. Also, before you start with the whitening method, you ought to clear tartar from your teeth.

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Fortunately, there are so many home products for this purpose today. We do not mean just special kinds of toothpaste or whitening strips – but products such as special solutions, pencils, or teeth whitening home kits. This last-mentioned option is also the most practical because it offers you an almost professional whitening treatment from the comfort of your home. Home teeth whitening kit is one of the ways to whiten teeth that require gels and splints.

According to Viebeauti, this method is very efficient and cheaper than dental office bleaching, although the bleaching process itself takes a bit longer. Still, you can get the desired results.

Are There Any Side Effects During Such A Treatment?

Although this is a rarity, it is still possible for side effects to occur during the home whitening process. One of them is, for example, tooth sensitivity. Sensitivity of teeth to sweet or cold can occur in a certain number of patients after the first treatment – or later, after the entire procedure. It is a transient and mostly short-timed issue.

Over time, tooth sensitivity will reduce and disappear completely. For the treatment of transient sensitivity, your doctor might suggest mild agents – or use special kinds of toothpaste that can help you reduce the sensitivity of the teeth. However, most home methods of teeth whitening are safe to use as long as you follow the instructions for use of the preparation in detail. You must also know that safe and efficient teeth whitening primarily relies on the reason for tooth discoloration, and the method of whitening.

Maintaining The Results

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After the entire procedure, the maintenance of the achieved results is primarily influenced by your habits of eating certain colored foods, drinks, routine brushing, and cleaning of teeth – and also harmful habits such as smoking. During and sometime after this procedure, your teeth will probably be extremely exposed to shading with pigments from beverages such as coffee, tea, alcohol, carbonated beverages, red wine – as well as certain foods.

You must drink as much water as possible after the treatment, as this prevents dehydration and re-darkening of the teeth. You can prevent the deposition of colored pigments on the veneers and their longer retention in saliva if you rinse your mouth with water immediately after eating or drinking colored drinks. Try to avoid consuming cigarettes and alcohol. Also, by regularly preserving oral hygiene by brushing your teeth thoroughly for at least two minutes – you will decrease the amount of accumulated dental plaque and food debris. They contain colored pigments and cause stains on the teeth.


So, in the end, we can conclude that the home option of teeth whitening can be quite effective and far more affordable than when you go to the dental office. However, before you start with this method, it is still mandatory to determine your oral health -since such techniques aren’t advised in situations where you already have an existing dental problem.