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Discover The Simple Office Design Changes That Encourage a Healthier Work-Life Balance

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There is little doubt that a healthy work-life balance has become increasingly important in modern society. It’s no longer essential to bring in a lot of money. In today’s world, more emphasis is being placed on commitments outside the workplace, specifically family and personal interests.

Of course, it can be hard to leave the office on time or even find the time in your busy life to spend with family and doing things you love. But, it is important to try. Research shows that people with a good work-life balance tend to enjoy better health. That has a knock-on effect on the quality of your older years.

The good news is that there are a number of easy changes that can be made at work to encourage your healthy work-life balance.

The Right Tools

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This should seem obvious but many businesses are busying watching the cents, meaning they don’t like to spend on items unless it is deemed impossible to survive without them.
However, if the business invests in things like quality laminating equipment from renz.com.au, they’ll find that staff are happier and get things done faster, making them more productive.

The bonus for individuals is the reduction of stress when completing jobs like this. The fact that it takes less time simply means you have more chance of getting away on time and spending quality time with your family.

Create Cozy Spaces

The next thing that all bosses should do is create cozy spaces and avoid insisting that staff sit in one specific spot all the time. Open-plan offices work for many people as they make collaborating easy and the atmosphere can be relaxed and fun. But, this type of atmosphere can also be distracting or make it difficult to concentrate on an important call.

Because most employees simply need a laptop and a space to work, you can eliminate the fixed desk idea and encourage people to sit where they want according to what they are doing. Part of this is the cozy space that makes them feel more like they are at home. You’ll be surprised at the positive effect it has on everyone.

Social Spaces

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Another important part of the workplace is social spaces. For starters, this creates an area where employees can eat away from their desk space. This encourages them to relax and enjoy life as opposed to thinking about work.

But, the social spaces can also be used for staff to sit and chat, even if that is about work. By creating a social space people will feel more relaxed and happy. In effect, they will be able to step out of work without stepping out of the office.

Ergonomic Designs

In order for employees to be comfortable and not take unnecessary sick time, you need to ensure they have ergonomic workstations. This will reduce the number of sick days taken by staff as they won’t need them.

It’s not just enough to get an ergonomic chair. Workers need to be trained in the best seating position, from screen height to where your arms should be. It is also worth adding a few stand-up desks.

These can be lowered to create standard sit-down desks or kept high enough to stand at while working. This gives staff an opportunity to move around more and reduce potential back issues, providing a better quality of life.

Finishing Time

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It is becoming increasingly common for workers to continue working well after their finish time. In fact, workers that leave on time are often thought of as lacking commitment to the company.

However, when you look at happiness and productivity, you’ll find that the ones that leave on time can be just as productive as any other member of staff. They also tend to be happier and, therefore, more loyal.

As a boss, you need to start ensuring that employees go home when they reach their finish time. It will take time but your employees will thank you for it and your productivity levels are likely to rise.

Create Distractions

Many of the biggest modern companies, such as Apple, have an array of ‘toys’ in their offices. These range from pool tables to video game consoles and even gyms. By having things that can distract your employees and encouraging them to use them, you’ll boost interaction between staff. This is great for staff morale and helps staff relax. This is an effective way of looking at issues from a different angle and finding a solution.

Talk To The Workforce

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No one knows better than your workforce at what changes could be made to improve life quality at work and the time staff has away from work. They are effectively at the front line and you should give them the opportunity to share with you.

You will be surprised at how realistic and achievable the majority of the requests are. The bonus is that this improves their perception and happiness at work, leading to better life quality.


At a fundamental level, you also need to look at the flow of your office. Again, your staff can help you assess this and improve it. The idea is that the office flow is natural and mimics the production of goods, ensuring everything can be done in order.

This approach makes it easier for people to identify what they need, where they need to be, or who they need to speak to. The easier things are at work the more focus employees can put on getting the job done and then heading home.

As a boss, it is your duty to design the office in the most conducive way possible. Staff will work harder and be more loyal if they see that the company is interested in looking after them. It’s a two-way street that really works. Don’t forget that offering healthcare and associated products to your staff also helps to improve their life quality and therefore satisfaction with their role.