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Infographic Design

With infographics, motion graphics, and interactive design we help brands large and small connect with their audience. We are a team of highly talented artists, marketers, and researchers who come from all walks of life with one very important thing in common: we are experts in visualizing information.

What is infographic?

Infographic is a graphical representation of a complex set of data and information in an attractive and interesting way helps the user to quickly and easily understand the topic or concept that is being processed. In short, it is a procedure in which a bunch of raw information and data is sorted into groups, then analyzed and finally visually presented to visitors and / or clients.

In the present time of social networks,  a quick overview of the information and content on the web site and short time users attention – it is very important to attract the attention of visitors and get them interested in your products and services.

Why is infographics so attractive?

90% of information coming into the brain are visual character, and more than 45% of users prefers visual information than plain text when learning or mastering specific tasks / threads. This is one of the main reasons why more than 65% of the population relies on visual information instead of reading plain text.

5 reasons for the infographic

  • Promotes brand
  • Easy to understand
  • Increasing interaction with users
  • Allows sharing on the Internet
  • Increases use of your site

What are the benefits to your company, institution, organization?

Promoting through infographic provides you:

  • increase visits to the site (with social networks or sites using your infographic)
  • brand, service or product recognition
  • feedback links (good for search engines, SEO)
  • increase in sales of products / services
  • commitment to clients and encourage their interest in communication with your business

What can be used infographics?

  • presentations
  • educational materials
  • annual and statistical reports
  • PR promotions
  • company Profiles
  • CVs
  • charts and maps
  • “how-to” guides
  • Infographic can be used for any other complex and professional topics you want to show and explain in a simple and understandable way.

The cost of making infographics depends on the following factors:

  • the complexity of the subject matter to be treated / examined,
  • number of visual elements (graphs, tables, drawings, etc.),
  • number of statistical data
  • the time required for research and data analysis
  • the number of possible corrections (audit) of the proposed design and concept


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