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Scarves and Jewelry for Winter

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With so many bright colors and beautiful long jewelry, it seems as if it’s not winter. The fashion industry offers very chic, bright, colorful accessories like scarves and jewelry. Minimalism is leaving the fashion trends in clothes, shoes, and bags, and we can say that the same goes for jewelry and accessories.

Massive and long jewelry is the new trend today. Many of the pieces are strewn with stones and decorations. Now, scarves come in different colors, from pastel to bright ones, and the fashion industry has it all this winter.

At Revir, you can find beautiful, fashionable jewelry pieces, scarves, and other gorgeous accessories to complete your chic winter style. If you want to learn more about the winter trends this year, keep reading this article.

Fashionable Scarves

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Scarves have always complemented our clothing style. Whether you want your look to be more casual or sophisticated, scarves compliment your style and bring elegance.

Made of high-quality fabrics, with unique prints and patterns, or fashionable knits, scarves are the everlasting accessory for winter. You can experiment with different colors and styles. The great thing about this accessory is that it is the perfect finish to every outfit.

Long Necklaces

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We have never seen so many long necklaces as we have in the past few years. Some gorgeous models can complement every casual or more sophisticated clothing style. You can express your unique style with a long metal necklace with a beautiful pendant or a tassel. You can finally wear all of your favorite stones or express your spiritual beliefs with a lava stone necklace.

Chandelier Earrings

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We can’t stress this enough. Chandelier Earrings are trending! Why do they call them chandeliers? Well, because they are beautiful, chic, long, and make you stand out, just like a chandelier makes an interior stand out.

There are many magnificent models with many stones, beads, chains connected by a thin metal wire. The chandelier earrings brighten up every clothing style. They are suitable mainly for more formal occasions. You can rarely see them combined with sports or casual clothing.

The fashion of the 90s marked its return last year. Feel free to combine your favorite scarves and long necklaces with a satin knee-length dress, square-top boots, a vest, and add other sparkling jewelry to make your look complete.

Saturated Nuances

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There is no better time for bright colors than 2024. Neutral shades have dominated the catwalk over the past few years. Now that the world is gradually shaking off the nightmare of the global pandemic, it’s time to bring a dose of optimism and a good mood through brighter and saturated shades.

In fall or winter, usually, we are used to replacing soft pastels or bright neon colors and instead opt for khaki, burgundy red, dark blue, or brown. This year, however, the designers are betting on the most saturated shades of purple, mustard, ruby red, turquoise, emerald green, and all sorts of other shades that remind you of bright and sparkling precious and semi-precious stones.

Don’t be afraid to make unexpected color combinations like orange and bright blue or yellow and purple. Keep the clothes as simple as possible, and do not mix more than 2-3 colors for one outfit. Otherwise, the clothing style could look more like a circus tent.

Grunge Pearls

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These are not your grandmother’s pearls! This year, they acquire a much more rocky and unbridled taste because the designers boldly combine them with chains, safety pins, and other silver or gold accents.

In addition, this season will be trendy super fashionable jewelry with an interesting texture. If your pieces are made of metal, then this metal should be embossed, grooved, with braids, etc. The combination with other embossed fabrics, and stones is also trendy.

An interesting variation of these fashion trends is jewelry with embroidery. They both carry this vintage spirit and have a very unusual texture for jewelry. And if they are in the saturated colors so popular for the season, you will hit exactly in the top ten.

Lace details intertwined interestingly and unusually in clothing will also be in fashion this season. You can add lace to a shirt, a pair of pants or an evening dress. In addition to the classic white color, designers are proposing lace in saturated shades such as wine red and mustard.

Different from last year’s trends, when the knitted sweater was much more popular than clothing made from other materials, so this season will be all about silk and satin blouses and pants. The texture of these fabrics is usually soft and smooth – just like your skin! So we will see many celebrities with silk jumpsuits, pants or jackets. Silk also gives models a modern look because it has no volume or structure on its own. If necessary, you can add long chains that hang to the metal belt buckle for extra volume.

Satin and silk clothes can be combined with all types of accessories and shoes. The only thing that should not be mixed is the fabric with sequined dresses because you will end up looking like a disco ball!

Let’s Summarize

This year the trend is bright, colorful, chic accessories. Scarves and jewelry are brighter than ever to complement any casual or more sophisticated clothing style. At Revir, you can find unique pieces representing the fashion trends this season.

Just because it is winter, it doesn’t mean that we should go out of style. Wear grunge pearl necklaces and beautiful scarves. Express yourself with bright colors. When, if not now?

On the contrary, we can express ourselves every season, and in winter, we need this positive spirit more than ever. So be brave and bold and wear the big jewelry pieces and the chic cashmere scarves you love so much.