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Top 10 Recruitment Agencies in Abu Dhabi

The United Arab Emirates or commonly known as UAE is a federation of seven emirates on the eastern side of the Arabian peninsula. The capital of UAE is Abu Dhabi which is the largest and wealthiest of the Emirates.

Abu Dhabi is home to people from all nations. Hence it is a fantastic place to experience diverse food, festivals, religions, and traditions as well as to learn new languages. Migrants in Abu Dhabi can build their career because of this wide network of new people and learn new ways of working.

Home to “The Corniche”, a wonderful stretch of white sandy beaches, Abu Dhabi offers a lot of leisure activities. It also offers a fulfilling lifestyle as well as an excellent standard of education and healthcare.

Abu Dhabi is one of the main centers of political and industrial activities of the UAE. Its position as the capital plays a vital role in the flourishing economy of the Emirates. Abu Dhabi contributes to two-thirds of the multi-billion rapidly growing UAE economy and it is this potential financial success that attracts many works to the city.

Why Abu Dhabi for a Job?

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Abu Dhabi ranks among the top attractive cities in the global workforce. In recent times, a decrease has been seen in the cost of living for emigrants living in Abu Dhabi. Companies feel that workers are getting more attracted by the workplace rewards in addition to the compensation.

Convenient working hours and the high standards of Abu Dhabi forms a major part of the attraction to work in this city. The Labour Law regulations are a maximum amount of eight hours a day or 48 hours per week which is reduced by two hours per day during Ramadan.

For those working in UAE, the government offers tax-free income, thus allowing professionals to achieve huge savings. This means that building a strong financial future is one of the reasons many of them prefer to live and work in Abu Dhabi.

Industries like infrastructure, software, hardware, telecom, etc are seeing a surge in demand for jobs in Abu Dhabi. It is predicted that UAE will generate more than 270,000 new jobs this year thus giving more scopes for headhunters Dubai to provide job opportunities. Click here to know more

Role of Recruitment Agencies in Abu Dhabi

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UAE is not far from Europe, Asia, and Africa. Hence it gives the companies the advantage to supply their products within time by the sea route as well which is still cheaper than other transport systems. Dubai has succeeded in becoming a world trading hub thus enabling the headhunters Dubai to flourish in their trade.

This has given the headhunters Dubai a run-of-the-mill time to keep up with the pace of supply manpower. The rapidly growing job markets have made the Abu Dhabi recruitment agencies become one of the most powerful recruitment agency for manpower consultancy.

It is better to register with a recruitment agency in Abu Dhabi like alliance recruitment agency your profile will get created in their database.

One of the main reasons for a business to flourish in Abu Dhabi is the role of the recruitment agencies in supplying the right candidate for the right job. The moment a company comes up with a vacancy these agencies scan through the thousands of registered manpower in their database. These recruitment agencies then give the company a few options which most of the time it meets the company’s satisfaction.

Top 10 Recruitment Agencies in Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi recruitment agencies have always worked on their business model which includes end-to-end talent management. Whether it is managing employee performance, talent acquisition, on-boarding, or ensuring the employee is cared for these recruitment agencies get them covered. The top 10 recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi are:

1. The Alliance Recruitment Agency

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The strong desire of Alliance is to offer solutions as per the unique requirements of their clients. This is a unit of Alliance Recruitment based in India and caters to clients located in UAE, India, and other places for both domestic and foreign employees as per the need of the company. Alliance supplies manpower for the post of executive, freshers, temporary staffing, headhunters, etc. The clients of Alliance Recruitment belong to various industrial sectors such as hospitality, finance, manufacturing, IT, etc. The HR consultants of Alliance are vastly experienced to verify and short-list the best candidates. The success of Alliance being listed as the top recruiter of Abu Dhabi is their skill of approaching their clients. Their excellent communication skills, efficient time management, IT and social media skills, and the confident team has helped them to climb to the top of the ladder in the recruitment field.

2. Experts International Recruitment Services

They are a sound professional organization for manpower solutions, outsourcing, HR consultancy, and recruitment services. Their expert team follows a professional step by step procedure to provide qualified and skilled workers according to the needs of the clients. The prime objective of this recruiting service is to communicate with their clients so that they get the best return on employment investment.

3. Micheal Page

This recruitment agency is a leading agency in UAE specializing in the recruitment of permanent, temporary, and contract jobs in the Middle East. Page Group has established a huge presence in the professional recruitment world around the globe. This recruitment agency is fast in giving placements thus reducing time to hire. Their way of forwarding thinking has attracted the best of the market.

4. Star Services L.L.C

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It is the leading supplier of manpower mainly in the field of oil and gas, petrochemical, engineering, administrative, and technical and non-technical fields to a wide range of multi-national corporations, UAE government departments, etc.

5. Adecco Recruitment

They are a leading provider of manpower and recruitment solutions either on a permanent or temporary basis for executive search, outsourcing, and nationalized recruitment in the fields of banking and finance, IT, construction, pharma, and medical devices, banking, oil & gas, etc.

6. Robert Half

Their motto itself says “Let us help you find the right fit for you or your company”. RobertHalf specializes in supplying workers in full-time accounting and finance, banking, law, HR consultants, and IT.

7. Sundus Recruitment and Outsourcing Company

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The motto of this agency is to build a long-term HR partnership with organizations that value trust, professionalism, and innovation. Sundus provides candidates to various sectors like aviation and aerospace, banking, construction, healthcare, hospitality, oil & gas, ports, and retail.

8. Horizon Recruitment

They specialize in manpower supply, local HR services, and on-demand labor recruitment. Their experienced and well-networked consultants approach their clients in a highly talented and consultative way to ensure that their clients can take their business to the next level.

9. Kawader Human Resource Consultant

It is a premier consultancy firm in Abu Dhabi offering hands-on quality service for candidates from a wide range of countries. They provide overseas recruitment, executives, contract staffing in the field of aviation, banking, call center, IT, media, office support, etc.

10. AstroLabs Talent

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They partner with leading organizations to help to build the company’s technical and digital talent bench right from recruiting the best workers to developing a team capable to drive high performance. They provide broad-scale enterprise training as well as design and deploy custom made programs for corporates, universities, and government organizations.

There are various other recruitment agencies as well but these ten agencies are the best in      their field and have maintained their level in recruitment and supplying candidates. By simply sending or forwarding your resume by email to various Abu Dhabi recruitment agencies means your resume will just go to the spam folder and get deleted.


Searching for a job is always not easy. The search for a job online can land you sometimes in the hands of a scammer. The best way is to approach a reliable recruitment agency.

Abu Dhabi offers great job opportunities to people all over the world offering an unforgettable life experience. Hence, it is not surprising that so many people are moving their lives and careers here in Abu Dhabi. Recruitment agency working in Abu Dhabi has been playing an important role in the job market. As Dubai has adopted the western model of development, it has given a chance to many industries to establish their office in Dubai.