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How Do You Properly Use a VPN?

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Knowing how to properly use the internet and take advantage of everything it can give us is something that is learned. It is a skill like any other and people can easily become better at it over a certain period of time. Not even three decades old, the internet has established itself as the most important invention of all time.

As more and more generations who do not remember the time before it arrived, it will only become more and more important for the human race. Between everything it gives us in terms of education, information, business, and entertainment, the question becomes do we even need any other form of media anymore.

The Other Side of the Web

As much good as it brings though, there are also sides of the world wide web that are not so great. Bringing everyone and everything closer together has its positives, but it has cost us our privacy and anonymity over the years. In the last decade or so, the users started to realize just how much this medium is asking back when reports of personal data being stolen and when the first worries regarding tracking and information gathering appeared. As of right now, the most important thing for every user on the internet is not how to properly use it to their benefit, but to remain safe and protected while doing so.

Realizing how much control and power corporations and tech giants have over the users, people have come up with software that blocks them from having an insight into their client’s browsing habits and history. With the excuse of appealing to the customers more and recommending them the content they care most about, services and platforms people use every day have gathered incredible amounts of data and are selling it to brands. Loopholes in rules and the law allow them to do so, but everyone knows it is not okay. However, it cannot be avoided especially now when every other post on social media is an advertisement or a recommended post.

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So what can be done to combat this? Is there a way to hide your internet presence and block everyone from seeing what it is you are doing? Yes, absolutely there is, and there has been for a while. The best thing to do would be a virtual private network, or VPN for short. VPN services have become incredibly important and popular in the last few years and you have probably heard of them already. But do you know how they work, and more importantly, how you should properly use them? If the answer is negative, do not worry. In this article we talk about how VPNs are to be used and why. Read on to learn more and check out WeVPN for one of the best in the business.

What Is It Really?

Knowing how to properly use something without knowing what it is does not really work. If you are to take full advantage of all of it, you must first understand what a VPN is. The most important thing that VPN does is block your internet provider from selling your data to third party companies that would then annoy you with ads and recommendations. There are other good sides of a private virtual network, like for example bypassing regional limitations to content.

Are you annoyed of a message on a certain website telling you that content is not available in your country? Well, a VPN can help you get over this since it makes it look like you are from somewhere else. It fools the website by masking your true location and giving you a virtual one. This method unlocks a lot of services and features that are limited to certain countries and puts an end to you not being able to watch or play something. Lastly, a VPN is great for public Wi-Fi use where a ton of people log on. To stay safe with the Wi-Fi’s poor encryption, get a virtual private network and nothing can happen to you.

How to Use It?

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Now it is time to tell you how exactly a VPN is properly used. It is very easy and it takes a few simple steps. First thing you need to do is sign up to a VPN service. Once you find the right one for you that offers the features you need the most, it is time to register.

The best VPNs in existence are all paid services that you can either subscribe to for longer or pay monthly. The choice is yours. When you sign up and pay for the service, you get the app and install it on your device(s). After launching it, you log in with your credentials and that you are ready to start using it.

Now comes the most important part, choosing a VPN server to appear as. When you log on, you will see a button through which you connect. You can press this and it will automatically connect you to the closest or the fastest server, but you can also choose the one you want manually. Most services work by giving you a map of the world and a list of countries where the servers you can access are located. Click on one and wait until it is confirmed that you are connected. It should only take seconds to do so.

After the connection has been established, this becomes your new virtual location and all the sites and platforms you browse will think you are actually there. Now, choosing certain servers will have benefits over picking others, but all of this depends on the platform and what you want to do.

The only thing left to do after picking the server and connecting to it is to check if it worked. You do this by truing to access the thing you previously could not. However, you should also make sure that your IP address is different, or rather that you now have a virtual one.

There are websites that can help you with this and tell you what your current virtual IP is. If it does work, set the parameters on the stuff you want blocked, which is usually everything the VPN service offers, and browse away safely and without limit!