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What Is the Most Popular Sports for Betting in Netherlands

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Online betting is nothing new, but for some countries of the world, legal issues were not settled until recently. One such country is the Netherlands. You would be surprised to find out how the online gambling market in this country was regulated only recently, in 2024 to be exact. As a result, players who access online platforms from that country faced some major changes.

In the majority of countries betting on foreign bookmakers was an issue, but the Netherlands invested enough effort to make it possible to bet with foreign operators. It sounds great, but there’s a catch. If one wants to bet on a foreign platform, it is important to choose one that is licensed by the Dutch Gaming Control Board. You will find out which are the best-licensed bookmakers in this country on onlinecasinos24.nl.

You probably already know that this is a country known for its liberal attitude, as it was very quick to legalize marijuana use and prostitution. Well, not when it comes to the segment of online betting. To our surprise, their gambling laws were quite complex until recently. Finally, in 2024, the government adopted the Law on Remote Gambling. This new law brought great changes, mostly in favor of the players.

The most important segment of the whole law is that new licenses became available for both international and domestic betting sites as of October 2024. With this act, the market for online betting and gambling officially got a lot more open.

And now, you must be wondering which sports are the most popular when betting. Well, read our list below, and find out.

1. Football

When it comes to the sport almost everyone likes to bet on, at least during the times of the World Cup, Dutch is now different from the rest of the world – football is the number one choice of sport. Given the fact there are more than 4 billion people obsessed with this sport, it is always on top of the most favorite chart. One of the reasons is also because it is by far the most available, and most watched. This year’s World Cup was watched by almost 3.5 million people in Qatar, only, not counting those who followed online.

2. Hockey

Played both on the ice and on the grass, you would be surprised how many people really like to watch it. Dutch too. Those who like to follow passionately, also like to bet. You probably already know how this sport is popular in the US and Canada, but the one played on the grass is somehow typical for Europeans, and also Africans, and Asians. Compared to very passionate ice matches, grass ones are a milder version, so to say.

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3. Horse racing

Believe it or not, betting on horse races is also quite popular in this country. This was not always the case, but with the development of technology and the increased availability of all types of information, today it is easy to follow races held in other parts of the world, wherever you are. Almost all online sports betting sites today also offer this option.

These races, and the bets on them, are of course most popular in Great Britain, so there is the largest selection of ways to bet, but you can also find an interesting offer on Dutch betting sites.

How to choose the best bookmaker?

Like anywhere in the world, it is in our best interest to keep the betting activity as safe as possible, especially today with so many online bookmakers available. Choosing the best betting site is never easy, but you can always follow some important guidelines to narrow down your choices.

The first important factor when choosing is safety. It is very important that you register with an operator you can trust. Licensed bookmakers will always guarantee you safe betting because they protect your personal data and of course money.

Choice of currencies. Find a betting site that allows Dutch players to bet in euros to avoid paying large exchange rate differences.

High odds that match or exceed the risk of the bet. Only the most successful, quality bookmakers can offer high odds to their players. This means that they can afford slightly lower margins. The higher the odds, the higher the winnings will be paid to you, if you make a good prediction of an outcome.

Bonuses and promotions. A common practice is to offer tempting welcome bonuses and other promotions for registered members. These bonuses are usually deposited bonuses, free bet credits, risk-free bets, and so on. Take your time and see what the bookmaker has to offer.

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Online betting is, of course, allowed only for adults. There’s really no point in opening an account at any bookmaker when you’re a minor since none will allow you to draw funds you’ve collected by successful betting. If a minor manages to create an account, he will have to send a copy of his personal document for payment.

The procedure is known as routine and is carried out by every bookmaker. Online betting payouts are not possible without identity confirmation. In addition to a copy of the personal document, an invoice in your name is usually required as proof of address. After all, when money is involved, one wants to keep everything according to the rules and regulations.

All in all, online betting is a lot safer than many think it is, and one fact that proves it is all the regulations we’ve mentioned earlier. Aside from being very safe, your privacy is highly valued.

There is a far greater chance that a robber will rob you on your way to the local betting shop and take all your money, than that your money will mysteriously disappear online. Online bookmakers must meet a number of conditions, and obtain certain licenses, just to be able to start organizing games of chance online.