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6 Pokémon Go Tips and Tricks Many Players Don’t Know – 2024 Guide

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The phenomenon of Pokémon has been a long-lasting one. Originating in the ‘90s as a video game, it dominated TV screens from 1997 all over the world. Generations of children grew up with it as their favorite game and anime. Then the trading card game came, and the toys and the world were never the same again. Hundreds of widely different pocket monsters battling each other, trainers catching them and caring for them, what kid would not love it?

The kids soon became teens and then adolescents and started passing down their fascination with their younger siblings, cousins, and kids. While they may have become too old for the usual games and the new, modern anime that changed a lot and introduced new things, there was one thing that made them stay connected to their favorite imaginary world.

The video game Pokémon Go had its initial release on July 6, 2016, and it took the world by storm. The buildup to the release of this fascinating augmented reality mobile game was crazy, and the fans could not believe what they were getting. Niantic and Nintendo came together to give the users an innovative way of playing a mobile game where you have to move around your real-life community, catch Pokémon, and battle them. While there were some issues at the start, 4 years later the game is more popular than ever.

Still, though, the players are not aware of everything you can or should do in this game. For this reason, we decided to assemble some crucial tips to help you in your adventure to catch them all. Make sure you try all of them until you find the ones that can help you be a better trainer.

1. Never Power Up Immediately

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Newcomers beware. Make sure never to power up your new friends right after you catch them. Do not evolve them immediately either as you will waste precious candy and stardust. If you constantly power up new Pokémon you will never have enough for altering as the necessary materials increase with each level. Catching a better one is possible all the time, which would mean you wasted valuable supplies. Be patient and level up new ones slowly. There will always be time to power them up later once they are higher level.

2. Not Everyone is the Same

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Even though you may have several Charizards (which is neat by the way), not all of them are of the same power and stats. Therefore, do not power up, level, or focus on the lesser one. If you are unsure of how powerful one of your pocket monsters is, check the Appraise option where your team leader will give you some great feedback and analysis. High overall stats will guarantee positive answers from the leader and those with max stats are of course among the best out there.

3. Spoof Your Location as it Matters

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Real-world location matters greatly in the game. Not all places in the world have the same types or numbers of certain types. Some Pokémon are much rarer in Europe than they are in Northern America and so on. To beat this you can spoof your location and access other regions digitally. Even though you are not physically there, your phone and the game will think you are, and therefore present you with new types. Try it especially if you have already seen everything your region has to offer. To learn more about spoofing as well as to try one, make sure to check out Virtuallocation.

4. Save the Eggs

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Lucky eggs are to be saved, fellow trainers, as they give you double XP (experience points) for only 30 minutes. Therefore, you should definitely not use them whenever and wherever. As a new account, you will get more of them than later, and you should save as much of them as possible. The eggs become sparse and rare down the line, while you need more XP to level up. Because of this, you should use them in alter levels to beat harder things easier. The best times to use them is in places with a ton of Pokestops and Pokémon, as well as when you have eggs that are just about to hatch. Evolving multiple Pokémon with candy is also great if you have a lucky egg lying around.

5. Gyms and Raids are Everything

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Absolutely the best things that this fascinating game has to offer include gyms and raid battles. Just like other online video games, battling bosses and more powerful foes for rewards and experience is the endgame. If your team owns a gym, you may be able to add your Pokémon to it as the one to beat. IF another team owns it, you can battle the gauntlet and take charge. You get XP for defeating opponents, defeating all enemies in a gym, bonus items, and bonus XP when you spin a gym, and both badges and coins for defending your gyms for enough amount of time. It is easy to all of these, the hardest thing being to actually level up your pocket friends to be powerful enough to both attack other gyms and defend your gyms. Raids are combat events with rare powerful Pokémon that spawn in random gyms every few hours. The recommended number of group members can be ignored if you have some majestically powerful Pokémon in your collection. Rare candy, stardust, golden raspberries, machines, bonus XP, and catching the raid boss include rewards from raids.

6. Friends are Useful

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Since the game is made up to be so social and engaging, playing it with friends is the best way to experience everything it has to offer. The game encourages adding other players to your growing friend list and playing together. There are perks to it as well since you gain XP when you send gifts to them. On the other hand, when you receive something from a friend, it may be anything including valuables like eggs, pokeballs, and stardust. When friends level up, the bonuses increase and more goodness awaits. Raid and gym bonuses also exist if you perform them with friends. Friendship tier thresholds award large chunks of XP at once.