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Leather Hat Care Tips For Cleaning, Storing, And Wearing

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Leather hat designs are simple and classic. It is a popular fashion accessory that makes a strong statement. The benefits of adorning a leather hat are more when compared to other materials like straw, cotton, etc.

  • Leather is obtained from animal hides. It is tanned and processed, so it gains more strength than plant-based textiles. With proper care, it lasts for more than a decade.
  • Choosing the right kind of leather hat is worth the investment because it does not surrender to age-related degradation like other materials.
  • Leather has natural elasticity and contours each head comfortably.
  • It has a soft texture, so it does not irritate your scalp when worn for several hours.
  • Leather hats offer outstanding shape retention for years.
  • Leather fades but looks amazing.
  • DIY cleaning is easy.
  • Style is everlasting.
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These are some benefits of investing in leather hats. However, here are some tips to help you choose the right style of leather hat.

  • Ensure the hat is designed from real leather and not faux skin.
  • When you browse through the designs avoid hats including other materials in the design besides leather.
  • Stick with common colors like brown or black because these are versatile shades that can match every kind of clothes and accessories.
  • Look for a well-known leather hat supplier and not some random retailer.

At Leather-hats.com, you can buy genuine leather hats for both men and women. Check their website because the online store often hosts sales for a limited time. If you are lucky, you can choose a beautiful leather cowboy or baseball hat at a significantly low price. Generally, four basic kinds of leather are used to design the hats.

  • Full-grain – Highest leather quality and most expensive.
  • Top grain – It is smoother and flexible than full-grain leather. Used in designing nubuck and suede hats
  • Corrected /Split grain leather – It is a bit tough, so used in designing the sides and back of furniture.
  • Bonded leather – The leftover of the hide is bonded on fiber-sheet and painted to give the top or full grain look. It is the lowest leather grade and cheapest.

Only full and top grain leather is used in designing the leather hats.

Leather hats are available in every style and shape. They offer warmth against the cool winter winds. They even grab attention making the wearer look beautiful or smart. Leather is a natural material but needs proper care to make it last longer.

Cleaning Care

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  • Tanned leather hat cleaning

You will find two grades of tanned leather hats.

  1. Aniline leather – Chemical aniline is used to dye full-grain natural leather. Aniline is a water-soluble and translucent dye that makes the natural scars, wrinkles, and marking in the hide visible. Over time the hat develops a natural patina.
  2. Nappa leather – It is a generic name to define full-grain soft and supple leather made from lamb or sheep hide.

A tanned leather hat needs to be treated before you wear it outdoors. Ensure that the leather hat you buy is treated properly with a leather protector. In case you bought a pre-owned leather hat then buy a leather protector in spray or liquid form. The protector is designed to repel water as well as prevent stains on the leather surface. If your hat is exposed frequently to harsh weather then apply a protector more often, otherwise once or twice a year is sufficient.

If your hat was exposed to a rainstorm then wipe it with a soft cotton cloth. Turn the inner sweatband, so it dries naturally in direct sunlight. Never force dry it because the sweatband can shrink and if this occurs stretching it to its original size is impossible [dry on hat form]. When the hat is dried completely, apply a leather conditioner to maintain the material’s softness and suppleness.

  • Suede leather hat cleaning

You will find two grades of natural suede leather hats.

  1. Suede leather – It is designed from the underside of a split-grain hide. The leather has a nappy texture that is stained with ease. Therefore it needs specific care and cleaning.
  2. Nubuck leather – It is available from the top-grain hide. The leather is sanded and buffed to create a velvety appearance that attracts people. Routine cleaning and care of nubuck leather are the same as suede.

Treat the suede or nubuck hat with a spray specially designed to repel from rainwater and protect from stains. To dust away the loose dirt settled on the hat using a soft bristle brush at least once a week. For matted areas of the hat, buff using emery cloth and rains the nap.

If there are oily stains then use talcum powder or cornstarch to dust them away. Sprinkle some powder on the oily stain and let it sit there for some hours. The powder will absorb the oil and you can brush it away. This process needs to be repeated for some time until the oil vanishes.

For stubborn stains use a mixture of water and mild detergent. Dip a clean cotton cloth in this mixture and rinse the area. Allow it to dry in the air and brush to reinstate the nap. If the suede hat is excessively wet then shake the excess water and dry it in the air on a hat form. After it is completely dry brush it to recover the nap.

Storing Care

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Leather hat needs proper storing to avoid several issues.

  • Store in a dry cool place away from direct sunlight.
  • Never store it in a closet near your bathroom [excessive moisture].
  • Store the hat in a box or cover it with a cotton sheet or cloth to avoid the settling of dust on it.
  • Avoid using a plastic bag to store because natural leather is breathable and the trapped moisture can promote mildew.

Wearing Care

  • While wearing the hat never squeeze the front or else the shape gets distorted.
  • To ensure that the hat fits properly, people tug the brim but this can spoil the shape if done consistently.
  • For proper fit, clear hair from the forehead and place the front side on the head, and put your palm on the back to push the hat crown down. Good push makes the hat stay firmly in place even in windy conditions.