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Internet Safety for Kids: 7 Tips for Parents 2024


It’s not even worth mentioning that nowadays kids grow up with the internet and on the internet. But would you believe that in 2016 children represented 33% of internet users? This number is growing constantly, so it’s important for parents to learn about internet safety for kids. This infographic offers 7 tips on using parental controls to protect your kids online. We hope you find them useful and share with your friends and family!

While the internet offers an enormous amount of information and ways to learn, some content is inappropriate for children and therefore poses a risk to them. To battle this, some websites offer child-friendly versions. Safety Mode on YouTube is one such example. The majority of websites, however, do not regulate their content, so it’s up to you to make sure your kid is not exposed to anything indecent. For this you may want to try one of our recommended internet content-filtering tools. With them, you will be able to block domains and/or content, including the sensitive keywords of your choice.

If your child is just starting his first steps on the World Wide Web, there is an alternative option. It is known as the kid-safe internet browser. Its major advantage over content filters is that it already has a whitelist of websites and games, so you can be sure that your child will not be exposed to adult content or any other indecent content. What is more, you can edit the whitelist, adding or removing something that you feel should or shouldn’t be there. So don’t forget to check out one of our suggested top 3 browsers.

Finally, you should not forget that education is the best way to make sure your kids know about the potential dangers of the internet from early days. If you show them a good example of internet ethics, they are likely to follow it! Also, your child should know that he/she can always talk to you about anything disturbing found on the web, and you should pay attention regardless of how marginal the issue may sound. If you follow these 7 tips and continue educating yourself and your children about internet safety, your family will do just fine!

Check our infographic about internet safety for kids to learn how parental controls come into the picture.


Infographic from: VPNpro.com