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How To Best Use Video On Each Social Network

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Video on Social Media

Is your opinion that video as content for social marketing is only for those with big budgets and big brands? Think again. If you still didn’t explore videos for your business you are missing big opportunity to reach more conversion. Adding videos to your social media platform mix is great idea to increase engagement and boost your awareness. Social networks are providing people with many options. Be it from Facebook, Vines, Instagram or any other social platform, video is becoming key part of marketing strategy for every business. You may think only about YouTube, when someone mentions you video, but it’s not the only platform that is embracing content of videos. I remember when first movie trailer was released to Instagram, it was really just a matter of time until businesses and marketers started embracing power of videos, and easily sharing them through various platforms.

Video content


If you are not into too much of a complex production videos, Vine is great platform as it gives you chance to create simple videos of a 6 seconds, and you can share them on Facebook and Twitter. There are many brands on Vine, among the famous ones are Puma, Urban Outfitters, HTC, Xbox and so on. You can use Vine to support your strategic goals or for business. For example, publishing demo or tease of a new product. In those 6 seconds you can tease public with product launch or show the best features. If you have upcoming planned conference or webinar, you can preview event by giving people quick snippet of what they can expect. Or even take them behind the scenes, showing them all the preparation. By doing this you are making your video to be part of event marketing. You can also showcase portfolio. Share video of your latest exterior design creations and so.


Instagram is great platform too, it’s little better then Vine because of the all capabilities of editing. With Instagram you can share your posts beyond Twitter and Facebook, to Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare or even email. Some of the brands that are using Instagram are Topshop, Taco Bell, Burberry, Starbucks and Nissan USA. Using videos on Instagram is very similar to Vine platform, the only real difference is having twice as much of a time to publish your message.


Uploading video to Facebook is little bit different. First of all you can upload in HD and up to 20 minutes. By some studies, videos that are directly added to Facebook, are outperforming other videos that are linked from YouTube or any other network, in shares, likes and comments. Brands that are using Facebook are well known Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Skittles, Wildfire, Angry Birds and many more. So how can you promote business on Facebook? One way is with commercials. You can let your fans to choose what is the best commercial and share it directly on your Facebook page, this will increase the feedback and engagement. Send personal messages. People in general love to see business that is involved with and caring for its community.


And of course, last but not least, I can’t finish this subject without mentioning YouTube platform. By uploading videos, you can incorporate and share them on any other platform. People can watch your videos directly from Instagram or Twitter for example.

What I wrote are just some of methods that you can use to incorporate your videos and build better marketing strategy. It’s up to you to choose one that is best for your business needs.