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6 Hidden Gems of Amsterdam That Most Tourists Never See

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Believe it or not, there are only a handful of destinations around the world that are worthy of seeing. What most of us miss when going sightseeing, are the places that are more beautiful and captivating than those we all know about.

Amsterdam is one of the most famous destinations when it comes to tourism and there are a few things people go to see there. Most of us go there to experience the freedom they practice there when it comes to certain things, then there are their famous coffee shops, the canals, the beautiful buildings, Red Light District and so on.

This is something that 99% of tourists visits there and know about Amsterdam. To make things even more bizarre this is what most tourist agencies offer to visit, meaning you don’t have a lot of novelty spots and nothing additional to see for years now.

To do Amsterdam some justice we decided to compile a list of places around this beautiful city that 99% of tourists pass by and never get to see and experience. Thanks to a bit of research we conducted and some information we found here, this list is made available to you.

Check it out, see if anything is interesting to you, and make sure to include these destinations next time you decide to visit Amsterdam.

1. Antique shops

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Since Amsterdam has a lot of history it is easy to deduce that antiques you can find in their shops will be breathtaking as well as expensive and worth. Since Amsterdam has a lot of history its antiques is a bit less of what you would see in an old town and more of what you would find in a lavishing castle with a long history and huge wealth.

Those of you that enjoy this type of activity will surely have a great time antiquing around Amsterdam and without a doubt end up with a unique item that will spruce up their living space. Just head on to the Antioch District which is just North of Rijksmuseum.

2. Botanic gardens

Amsterdam is a city that has one of the most famous botanical gardens and the one we are talking about is The Hortus Botanicus. Most of you will negatively nod your head to this because let’s face it why go somewhere to visit a botanical garden when there is one in almost any major city?!

Well, the fact is that not one of these gardens is the same and this here is truly unique. The Hortus Botanicus has a hidden nature that has been flying under the radar of many visiting tourists.

Visiting this place will swoop you off your feet with its beauty and its diverse nature, but it will also hit you with a lot of peace and tranquillity that is hard to find in any other place where a lot of tourists move through daily.

3. Naarden

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The city of Naarden is a city in Northern Holland and is only 20 min drive from the Center of Amsterdam. This city is also one of those that is neglected by tourists, which has a lot to offer. It is so beautiful, old, and preserved that those who love to take aerial photography will enjoy it the most.

It is your Hallmark-card worthy city if you like. The town is laid out in the shape of the star and its history is so full and interesting that a 15 min tour might as well turn into a whole day of filming, learning and walking around.

4. Markets

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Markets in a big city, especially those filled with history like Amsterdam is, are a place that needs to be visited once in a lifetime. Here you can find almost anything, from traditional food to regular art forms made of cheese and other produce.

Since these markets are mostly visited by locals, you can expect to pick up a gift or two for cheap or no charge, as well as find something that will sweep you of your feet. Market hopping will help you get to know local people and you will see that they are very helpful and friendly which is a big thing in a city of this size and with a tourist reputation it has.

5. Bloemendaal Beach

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Bloemendaal beach is not just one of the most beautiful beaches of Amsterdam but it is also filled with a great choice of restaurants and bars. These are the regular ones that you will find elsewhere but they often have live concerts or sunset sessions that will be a whole other experience for you.

Regular nightclubs that tourists often visit get bored too fast and you outgrow that type of amusement. On this beach, you can find restaurants and bars that will offer you all night dancing and a beautiful sunrise in the morning. Pick between sunbathing during the day and dancing and enjoying throughout the night or do both if you have the energy for that you will not regret.

6. Dining in style

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The whole Netherlands enjoys comfort food like fries, cheese and other types of traditional comfort food, and you can find those on every corner in every tourist spot. Not to take us wrong that food is awesome but why not treat yourself with the same food and more in places that are a bit off the grid.

These dining places have to do less with the food and more with the setting. What we mean is the fact that you could find yourself in an old historic building that hosts a charming Dutch restaurant. To preserve peace these are often hidden in alleyways and back alleys to prevent tourists from crowding them too much.

Probably the best example of such a restaurant is d’Vijff Vlieghen – or translated The Five Flies in English. If you visit here, you will find yourself in an old canal house full of Rembrandt paintings. Just try to imagine that anywhere else. All in all, after what we told you about we believe that a bit of a mix when it comes to places you will visit next time in Amsterdam will bring a much-needed freshness to you.

Sometimes visiting all of the same places in a city that you have already been in makes you not want to come again, but if you incorporate these sights and places in your next visit we are certain that you will eagerly wait for your next trip to Amsterdam just to check out what else you have been missing on.