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5 Tips for Growing Feminized Cannabis Seeds Indoors Or Outdoors

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Genetic engineering has the ability to produce almost 100% female plants in a given species. For some plants like cannabis, a 100% female population is great because female plants are high yielding. Again, since a genetically bred line can produce offspring of only one sex; hence there is no fear of natural breeding.

In case natural breeding happens in cannabis, the breeder has to cut out the male plants to prevent self-pollination. Thus, if you want to grow feminized cannabis seeds, you can check out the larry bird strain.

Advantages Of Growing Cannabis Seeds Indoors

Ability To Regulate The Growing Period

Feminized cannabis seeds grow based on the length of the day (light). So if such a cultivar is grown outdoors, then the breeder will have to take care of the natural length of day and night.

However, monitoring the natural light conditions and carrying out breeding activities in exact accordance with natural conditions is quite difficult. So it is a good idea to grow cannabis seeds indoors because, under regulated conditions, the breeder has complete control over the amount of light and the growth of the plant.

Protection Against Excessive Heat Or Rain

Growing a plant species indoors is advantageous because then the breeder does not have to worry about the weather. Excessive heat is bad for plants because it makes the plants break down the food that is stored in the leaves. Likewise, excessive rain is harmful as water logging around the base of the plant can cause the roots to rot.

Protection Against Naturals Pests

It is easy to guard against pests in indoor conditions; however, it is almost impossible to protect against pests when the plant is outdoors. Even if a breeder applies pesticides around the plant, there can always be a new air-borne infestation at any time.

Advantages Of Outdoor Cultivation

It Is Less Expensive

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Growing cannabis outdoors is more cost-effective as compared to growing it indoors. If you are to grow the plant indoors, you will have to create natural conditions inside a confined space. The temperature, moisture, etc., have to be tightly regulated for the growth of the plant.

In order to maintain the perfect temperature and moisture conditions, the room needs to be perfectly sealed and has to have tight temperature regulations. In contrast, in an outdoor setting, the plant can grow naturally without any costly setup for temperature and moisture regulation.

Space Is Not A Constraint

When a cannabis cultivar is grown outdoors, then the breeder does not have to worry about space constraints. Hence, he can choose from a wide variety of cultivars without being bothered about which one grows fast or which one takes more space.


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Growing cannabis indoors and outdoors has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. If a breeder is more concerned about cost, then he should go for outdoor cultivation. But if he is more concerned about having control over the growth, then he should go for indoor cultivation of the cannabis seeds.