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Tips for Getting the Most Out of Cyberday

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With the fame of Black Friday arises one of the biggest store promotions ever. However, with Cyber Monday, that promotion continued on the online store. Cyber Monday is limited to just one day, the Monday before Thanksgiving, which is not enough time for online shopping. This is how the idea of a Cyberday was born, which will delight shopaholics at the most beautiful time of the year – spring.

The idea of Cyberday originated in Santiago, Chile. The Chamber of Commerce of that country wanted to raise the promotion of online commerce to an even higher level and it really succeeded in that. The data on Cybrday Chile in 2024 also speaks of the success of the idea itself. No matter how much the idea was believed, no one could have predicted the results of this three-day online purchase. Sales grew by an incredible 57%. More precisely: in just 3 days, sales of 640 million dollars were realized. Over 15 million items of various values were sold. So we could just say Santiago, congratulations, you really succeeded!

What is the secret of Cyberday?

The idea is extremely simple. So simple that you will surely wonder: how come this was not designed long ago. Therefore, the Chamber of Commerce invited hundreds of shops and brands to participate in the action. They only need to allow a certain discount on certain items, or the entire range, any way they find better. The idea was that the number of goods sold would compensate for the discounts given. And the mission succeeded.

The beginning of spring is considered to be the most popular period for shopping. We are all looking forward to nice weather and we are not sorry to spend a few dollars more. Good marketing did the job, so consumers were a little patient and waited for this day. They grabbed extra discounts, which went somewhere up to an incredible 40%. Consumers are over satisfied, they often treated themselves to some other unplanned thing. On the other hand, the sellers are delighted. The increase in sales jumped incredibly, and the number of remaining items on sale on online platforms decreased at an incredible rate. The Chamber of Commerce is also satisfied, it has achieved more than expected.

Where does the Cyberday take place?

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This idea, in addition to a large number of stores and brands, was supported by many sales platforms. Most of them were designed just for this event, they were approved by the Santiago Chamber of Commerce. Not every platform has the same products but not the same discounts. One of the safe and proven platforms for a memorable Cyberday is ebest, with the access and registration on the platform are completely free and extremely easy. Visit https://www.ebest.cl/cyberday.html for more information.

Now that we know how Cyberday works, we can have some more fun. This year, 2024, this event will take place on almost the same dates as last year. So the last two days of May and the first day of June. If you missed this fantastic event last year, prepare well this year. In the rest of the text, we also offer you how.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Cyberday

1. Plan your shopping list and budget in advance

Sales and discounts can easily drive consumers crazy, and after just a few clicks, the balance on your account will be inundated and you will be overwhelmed with unnecessary things. So plan well, set priorities and stick to them. Just because you’ve seen the incredible price, doesn’t mean you need it. Before you sit down at a computer or tablet, set yourself the maximum price you can indulge in shopping.

2. Don’t run blindly for prominent discounts, but inquire about prices

Some sellers will take advantage of your ignorance of prices and tone in two ways: either they can raise prices so that the discounted price comes in as regular, and thus cover shipping costs, or I can point out that the product is at a discount when in fact it is not. Therefore, we warmly recommend that you inquire well before this event about the prices of your favorite products so that they are not cheated. Measure twice, cut once!

3. Social networking is great preparation for Cyberday

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Follow your favorite stores on social networks and follow the posts related to this day. We are sure that most stores will announce their participation and the discounts they plan to offer. Faithful companions can offer offers and something more than the planned discounts.

We also suggest that you check your Ccyberday hashtags from time to time and do not allow yourself to miss any important information.

4. Benefits offered by online stores themselves

Many online stores and platforms that have received approval from the Chamber of Commerce to participate in these days of online stores attract customers even before the event. Stay up to date and don’t miss coupons and discount codes. This attracts and keeps you online as a compartment. As soon as you have a benefit, you will stay in that online store. So, you have the opportunity and take advantage of it. These can be additional discounts, free shipping or the like. Sign up and keep your information on the mailing list regularly.

5. Speed up the entry of personal data

In the story of Cyberday, speed is just as important as information about discounts, coupons and the like. Maybe even more important. Don’t be overwhelmed by numbers that are changing at an incredible rate next to your favorite product. As you enter all the information you need to complete your purchase, you may see zero-zero leftovers in the store. What agony. So do not waste time on data entry, but try to set up the automatic filling on time. Applications such as PayPal or Apple Pay can help you with this. Get ready and prepare an order with your favorite seller.

As interesting as it sounds, don’t let the madness of this event pull you away. Make a plan and stick to it, and if you really want certain products, you will prepare a few days in advance. Another suggestion: do not leave anything for the second or third day of this event, because it is very unlikely that you will find the product in stock. Plan your day and take time for this event. Let Cyberday be for you a pleasure and a full bargain! Good luck!