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When Should You Get Your Partial Dentures Repaired?

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For people who are suffering from one or a few missing teeth, partial dentures offer an effective and pain-free treatment option. In addition to reviving your smile and appearance, this orthodontic appliance offers a host of other health benefits, such as allowing you to speak and chew effectively, prevention of bone loss, and additional tooth loss.

Although partial dentures are usually made from highly durable materials, they, unfortunately, do not last forever, and there are times when they may require repairs or adjustments. But how do you know when it’s time to take your partial dentures to a dentist or a mobile denture repair company for repairs? Well, below are some of the signs that indicate the need to get your partial dentures repaired.

When the Base Cracks

Just as with natural teeth, partial dentures can be subject to a number of issues, and one of the most common is when a crack develops in the base. This crack can occur as a result of mishandling, accidental dropping on a hard surface, biting into something hard, or trauma to the mouth. It is important to have a cracked denture base fixed immediately after they occur, as putting off repairs will only cause the crack to become larger and harder to fix.

When Teeth Fall Out

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Although partial dentures are used to replace natural teeth, it is also possible for a false tooth to become dislodged from the partial. This usually happens when the wearer eats something that is very chewy or sticky. Falling or trauma to the face can also cause one or two teeth from the partial denture to fall out.

When this happens, chewing and speaking effectively can become difficult for the wearer, not to mention the unsightly gap it leaves in the mouth. If you find yourself in this situation, take your partial dentures to your denturist for them to either place the dislodged tooth back into the base or fabricate a new tooth.

When the Dentures fit Poorly

Because the gums and mouth tissues undergo changes over time, there is a possibility that your partial dentures will start to feel loose in your mouth. This looseness can cause them to shift or even fall out when you’re eating or speaking. To avoid this problem, be sure to take your partial dentures to your denturist for adjustments the moment they start to feel loose.

Periodic Maintenance

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Even with no accidental dropping or breaking of your partial dentures, it is still important that you visit your dentist for regular check-ups. These check-ups afford your dentist the opportunity to examine your dentures and ensure that they still fit properly. Your dentist will also carry out any maintenance, adjustments, or repairs that may be needed while ensuring that your remaining natural teeth are healthy.


As a partial denture wearer, you have a big responsibility to ensure that your dentures are properly cared for. Paying attention to the way your dentures fit and getting timely repairs for even the tiniest crack is what ensures that your partial dentures continue to function properly and last for a very long time.