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Who is The Favorite To Win NBA 2024 Play-Off Finals?

Who is the Favorite to win NBA 2024 Play-Off Finals?

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Following the elimination of the 2024 NBA Finals defending champion Los Angeles Lakers in the first round where they lost to Phoenix Suns, and similarly the elimination of 2024 NBA Finals runner up, Miami Heat, the odds of which team to win this year NBA Finals has dramatically shifted around. And the question that keeps polling is who will be the new champion, who will win it all and take home the Larry O’Brien Trophy?

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Currently, the 2024 NBA Finals is in the second round and the Phoneix Suns from Western Conference has already qualified to the third round after defeating the defending champion in the first round, and then followed it with a win against the Denver Nugget. The other current second-round games going on are between Utah Jazz vs. Los Angeles Clippers another western conference game. While the eastern conference games are between Philadelphia 76ers vs. Atlanta Hawks and Brooklyn Nets vs. Milwaukee Bucks.

Currently, the Brooklyn Nets top the favorite list to win the 2024 NBA Finals, this is based according to mightytips.com, a betting site that constantly updates its match fixtures and odds based on the current happenings. Utah Jazz came second in the favorite ranking of which team to win the win eventually.

The giant slayer, on the other hand, Phoenix Suns, chance to win the trophy jas continued to rise and it is no surprise they are currently third in the favorite ranking. The Philadelphia 76ers came fourth on the odds to win the cup following their current 2-1 series lead over the Atlanta Hawks. Another too challenger for the race of NBA Finals trophy is Los Angeles Clippers, followed by the Milwaukee Bucks, who knocks out the last year’s finalist in the first round. But why are pundits tipping Brooklyn Nets to be the favorite to lift the trophy?

Brooklyn Nets Favored to Win the 2024 NBA Championship?

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Despite having James Harden out injured, the Brooklyn Nets are still considered the top favorite. Following the Brooklyn Nets’ two-game victory over the Milwaukee Bucks, the 2024 NBA Final odds begin to decrease as people now see them as a top team that remains in the playoff finals.

Not only that, the Brooklyn Nets, has top-quality players in Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, who can change the game and remain formidable when on their A-game. The Nets also boast of having the likes of Blake Griffin and Nic Claxton who can form to make their team hard to beat.

Considering the Brooklyn Nets’ recent stats, it also appears to be the team with the most in a form that remains in the tournament having won and covered the spread in six of seven playoff games. With both attack and defense being considered tough to beat or contain, the Brooklyn Nets continue to look dangerous for any opposition to face.

Current 2024 NBA Championship Odds

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Team                            Odds

  1. Brooklyn Nets        +250
  2. Utah Jazz               +350
  3. Phoenix Suns.         +450
  4. Philadelphia 76ers     +700
  5. Los Angeles Clippers  +900
  6. Milwaukee Bucks      +1100
  7. Atlanta Hawks         +10000
  8. Denver Nuggets       +15000

Understanding the odds and betting tips of 2024 NBA Finals Odds

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To understand the betting odds and tips of NBA, take a quick look at mightytips.com and check NBA betting odds, you’ll notice that the odds are in the same manner as the one below:

  • Miami Heat +250
  • LA Lakers +580
  • Milwaukee Bucks +1200

Here, assuming that the Miami Heat are the team considered to be the favorite to win the trophy, considering the odds listed above. If you were to place a bet of $100, on Miami Heat you will definitely get a return of $350, if Miami Heat eventually won the trophy. That is you get your $100 back, plus your additional earnings of $250.

Similarly, if place your money on LA Lakers and it came out as predicted that LA Lakers become champion, with a bet of $100 on LA Lakers to win the 2024 NBA championship and it hits, you’d get $680, whereby your $100 is returned and you’d get extra $5800 as earnings.

You can also check out the latest odds and betting tips at mightytips.com to see how much you can win based on the odds and amount wagered.

NBA Futures Odds: How it works

Just like other futures bets made in other sports like football and lawn tennis, a future bet is a type of bet on an event that has not taken place yet. Hence, you place your bet a few days, weeks, or months before the kickoff of that specific event such as betting on the team to win the championship or player with the most points.

In some cases, before the start of a season, team-level futures could be a bet on the least number of wins a team will get throughout the season. As for the players, it could be wagering on whether a specific player will win the MVP, Rookie of the Year, or Sixth Man of the Year awards,

So far, the 2024 NBA Finals have shown that even the top team can lose out as we have seen from the two of last year’s finalists. While Brooklyn Nets is the favorite to lift the trophy at the moment, there is no guarantee that they will eventually win it, until the whole tournament is decided. Any could just be one of their best players away from. is eliminated. Los Angeles Lakers have been eliminated already, so is Miami Heat. Whoever wins this year’s 2024 NBA Finals will be a deserving champion.