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E-mail marketing campaigns [infographic]


E-mail marketing campaigns are a form of promotion that includes instant message to the e-mail address of the recipient. If you have a list of potential and / or existing clients, sending targeted e-mails is the simplest and cheapest form of promotion of your products and services.

The most common form of e-mail marketing campaigns are newsletter campaigns. Newsletter is a special kind of e-mail message that contains promotional texts and messages designed in an attractive viewing experience. Through a newsletter campaign you can promote various products and services, and campaigns are particularly suitable for the promotion of special offers in the short or limited time.

Advantage of newsletter campaigns is that the message is delivered directly to the targeted groups of users whose addresses are collected by subscribing of the users themselves. In this way is archieved the maximum range of the target group.

Performing newsletter campaign can be extensive work if the sender has a large base of mail addresses. In this case, you use the special programs for preparing and sending a newsletter message.

Below is infographic about 9 Successful Email Marketing Campaigns to boost your product sales: