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CS:GO: The Best Crates

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The skins from Counter Strike Global Offensive continue to enjoy great popularity. So popular, in fact, that rare variants can fetch almost insane sums. But even those who simply want to visually upgrade their weapons and show off in-game are interested in getting skins in this game.

But how do you get such skins in Counter Strike Global Offensive and can they also contain very rare ones?

What are CS:GO crates?

Crates are random rewards in the online shooter that a player receives after a match. In the past, these rewards were only worth a few cents and even just gathered dust on some accounts. But this has now changed. Due to the ongoing high player numbers and the new drop system, many boxes are now worth more.

Currently, players can open more than 30 different and unique crates.

Which boxes should I open?

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Since you are now faced with the decision to make a small investment every time you open a crate, it is advisable to know which crates can prove to be worthwhile.

Here is a small list of the most profitable crates: the Operation Broken Fang Crate, the CS:GO Weapon Crate 3, the Operation Vanguard Weapon Crate, the Prisma Crate, the Snakebite Crate, the eSports 2013 Winter Crate, the Clutch Crate and the Operation Phoenix Weapon Crate. What makes each crate so special here is beyond the scope of this article, but exact lists of the contents can also be viewed online.

Crates can therefore be acquired by players themselves as rewards at the end of a game. However, there are also other ways to acquire crates and skins on the internet. Various CSGO gambling sites offer the possibility to get crates and skins by gambling.

In summary, it should be said that opening a crate should be well considered, as an investment of a small sum is always necessary to acquire a key. However, if you pay attention to which crates are worthwhile, nothing should stand in the way of good loot.

Who gets such crates?

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Since last year, only players with a Prime account can get such crates. This Prime Account can be acquired by paying around 13 euros on Steam. In this way, the game’s developer wants to prevent huge bot networks from continuing to roam the servers and thus spoiling the fun for established players.

So far so good. But the drop system is another factor that decides who gets boxes. Here, a regular pool, in which the 5 most recent crates are available and from which a drop is very likely, and the “rare cases pool” are used. Of course, the drop of such a case is very rare and thus the value of these cases also increases.

How do you open crates?

For experienced players this point is probably uninteresting, but new players may not yet know where to find these crates. Because the crate is one thing, but to open it the player also needs a key. You get the crate from the corresponding inventory. To do this, open the inventory and select “Unpack container”. And here the next obstacle begins. The key for such a box must be purchased additionally and costs around 2.50 US dollars.

If you don’t have one yet, you will be redirected via a button to carry out the transaction. This can be very lucrative, as the skin in the box can exceed the value of the key by quite a bit.