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Types of Counseling Programs Available for Patients at Rehab Centers

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Rehab centers are there to help people cure themselves of all the mental issues that they are facing in their life. Such as depression, anxiety, relationship issues, OCD, trauma, and many other things. Counseling is how these issues can be resolved because they pertain to the mind, therefore, counseling is the way to go about healing a person from these issues.1

Even though someone might be going through a lot, the fact of the matter is that whatever they are going through, they can be rest assured that rehab centers such as PneumaChicago have all the necessary counseling programs that can help any patient going through any kind of mental issue as mentioned above.

Furthermore, with the help of the counselors, the patients will be able to become better versions of themselves without having to be ever judged for their words, actions, and intentions. Because people who are mentally ill are at the mercy of their mental illness, most times they are not aware of what they are saying and doing and it is the counselors’ job to help them identify that so that they can be made more self-aware regarding their actions and their words.


There are many types of counseling programs that can help people from all walks of life having different kinds of issues. These programs and their types are the following:

Individual counseling

This type of counseling is done when someone is facing mental issues regarding different aspects of their life. When they are having a hard time trying to talk about their issues but they do not because they fear to be judged and fear to be treated as someone that is not deserving of affection and understanding all because they might think a bit differently than us.

These people need that extra help in the form of individual counseling. They need direct counseling where no one can talk to them as if they are being looked down upon, and no one can make them feel less than they are. Individual counseling helps such people open up about deep rooted issues that created themselves in their life because of unfortunate events such as being harassed, hit, abused, and mistreated at a young age.

Needing to express these events and these thoughts is very important because the more they are kept inside the more they will make things harder for the person as they will become resentful toward themselves and resentful towards others also. It will create a cycle of unrest and doubt about each other but individual counseling can definitely solve this.

Couples counseling

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This type of counseling is for couples that are going through a hard time with each other. Yes, the first year in a relationship is always good but after that, things start to go haywire mainly because both parties start to know each other a little too much and that is when the walls break down and each party in a relationship has things that they can use to hurt each other incase they are not satisfied, happy, or content in the relationship. It seems so that anything that happens bad in their life tends to be the fault of the partner, most relationships start dying because of this high standard and unneeded need that both parties start to ask each other so it starts to go downhill from there.

But a couple’s counselor can resolve this issue through many ways. One such way is to help both of the parties understand why they both fell in love with each other the first time and try to regurgitate the feeling that the parties felt for each other the first time around. Second way that one can do this is through the method of writing good things about your partner and reading them aloud to each other, this helps in recreating new feelings that make you move in line with the old feelings. Therapy can truly do wonders and has done wonders for countless couples that were mostly living in miscommunication with each other—a therapist rectifies that miscommunication and gap.

Trauma counseling

This type of counseling helps in PTSD and other kinds of traumas. Traumas can make you become an introvert and it can also make you more housebound, afraid, and feeble in the eyes of others. People that are traumatized tend to have difficulty trusting people and making friends. These people do not take part in activities, nor do they have the will to do so. Every part of their life is plagued with a traumatic event and it halts them in their tracks.

These people have a hard time trying to achieve success in life mainly because the trauma does not leave their mind nor do they leave it, it is a vicious cycle of remembering and being hurt by it, the mind keeps trying to make the person remember in hopes it does not happen again and at the same time it affects them a great deal to remember these things.

Trauma counseling is here to tackle such things. With trauma counseling, the patient will relive their traumatic events and try to see them for what they are. This method will better help them face what they and their “ego” fears, as they have not accepted this trauma, once you accept the trauma, no matter how hard it is and embarrassing in hindsight, you will start to feel like your past and your trauma do not have a say at all in how you live your life.

In conclusion

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Whatever mental issue anyone is facing, there are reputable rehab centers that have various counseling programs that are mentioned above to help people feel like they are not forsaken and forgotten. Also, that they are not doing anything wrong just to be able to get help in order to heal themselves fully. Hence, do not wait any longer, get in touch with a rehab center and cure your mental issues before they affect other important parts of your life.