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7 Tips For Content Sharing Across Social Platforms – 2024 Guide

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While this may sound like an exaggerated statement, today there is no success without social media. How you run your social media profiles and what content you post and share is the difference between success and failure. And it doesn’t matter what you do, whether you’re a salesperson, manufacturer, or a blogger. Only in this way can you reach a large enough number of people to make your job profitable.

That is why it is very important to make a strategy and carefully choose which content you will share. Although it was thought a few years ago that social media marketing would slowly get out of fashion, that didn’t happen. On the contrary, it seems to have become even more popular. So read our tips for content sharing across social platforms.

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1. Get to know every social network well

To achieve the right effect, you have to be familiar with each network and how it works. Someone who has never had a profile on any of them might think they are all the same, but of course, they are not. Except for the basis which is similar, everything else is different. And above all, users differ, because one preferred video content and the other written content.

2. Characteristics of each social network

As we said in the previous paragraph, it is important to know the characteristics of each one and by each one, we mean 5 most popular. To help you, here is a brief about each of them:

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Facebook: The first and most popular. That is place where people come to be social, so let your focus be on that as well. Content must be such that people would like to share it with their friends. That means interesting and fun.

Instagram: Currently perhaps the most popular, even ahead of Facebook. The reason for this is that people primarily like to look at photos and recordings, it makes them less tired than reading. Focus on everything visually, and if you don’t have such content, it’s time to make it. Also, focus on videos up to 1 minute long.

Twitter: There you need to be fun and witty, with as few words used as possible. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be informative. But it would be good to have up to 150 words, which was the limit on Twitter before. Although it has now been expanded, you are sticking to the old, tried and tested method.

LinkedIn: The best place in the world to get in touch with potential employees, clients, colleagues and everyone else. The content must be more serious than the previous three we mentioned.

Pinterest: Somewhat similar to Instagram, but again a different approach is needed. It will mean your presence there as well, but first pay attention to the previous 4, and only then to Pinterest.

3. Focus on quality

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Although it is important to be active, which we will talk about later, the focus must remain on quality. And it seems that many have overlooked that fact and are so active, that many may experience it as spam. Your posts must be accurate and well researched, not the first information you come across. You must not allow a negative reputation, because then no one will follow you. Incorrect information tells people that you are not an expert in what you are doing and that they better look for the same elsewhere. So make an effort and invest time in all that, it will come back to you many times over.

4. Use link preview

You may have a great idea, but that idea becomes content ready for social media, it may not look the way you envisioned. That is why the link preview is very useful to you. You will immediately see what it will look like in the end and you will know if it is something you need to upload or not.

It is because you won’t be able to see it on your profile page right away, but only after a while. And then if you change every time and wait a couple of days, it won’t be good. You used to be able to do it instantly, but to prevent various abuses, spreading lies and things like that, that has changed. Visit Kontentino.com to read how to use the preview link for each social network individually.

5. Schedule activities

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It is very wrong not to have any schedule of activities, but that when something comes to your mind, you share on your profile. In order for as many people as possible to notice your content, it is important that they know when it will be posted. Because most follow a lot of profiles and then they may miss your content. As it is known, for example, for private photos on Instagram, the best time to be uploaded is in the evening and on weekends, so there are certain theories when it is best for business.

We think it’s not so much important as it is important for people to know that they will be able to read something new, for example, every Thursdays at noon. This does not mean that you should upload something only then, but that time should be reserved for the most important posts.

6. Use hashtags

The best way to reach as many people as possible is hashtags. They serve to connect you with the target group. You can use some of the existing ones, and you can also create your own. If it becomes popular, it will have a tremendous impact on your brand. You will also start a conversation this way and that is why using hashtags is a must.

7. Follow the results

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Don’t just blindly follow the strategy you have. Follow the results it brings and change and improve it accordingly. If you achieve instant success, that’s great, but don’t give up if things move slowly at first. Use different tools to see the number of clicks, shares and everything else related to your content. Only then will you know if you are doing a good job.


This is such a powerful way of marketing, that you have to take advantage of it. But it is only successful if it is done very precisely because it is not guerrilla marketing.