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The Best Reasons to Opt for Artificial Christmas Trees

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‘O, Christmas tree, you stand in splendid beauty.’ That song reminds you it’s that time of the year when we listen to the sweet Christmas carols. But the one challenge most people face is deciding the type of Christmas tree to get.

Most get torn between buying a real and an artificial tree. While both these trees can give you the Christmas feel, you need to be smart with your decision.

Note that the Christmas tree is the center of the festivity, and a wrong choice can kill the Christmas vibe. So, you must do things right. We understand your dilemma, but at UnrealChristmasTrees, they have made things easier for you. Here are eight reasons to opt for artificial Christmas trees.


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In this generation, most people live a life that harms the environment. For that reason, people have started to dismiss the use of plastic. But a plastic Christmas tree might not be as bad as you might think. For starters, if you properly preserve the tree, you can use it for a lifetime.

When it comes to sustainability, it is better to get a faux tree than cut down a tree every year; besides using it for many decades; you can even pass down an artificial Christmas tree as an heirloom. All you need is to buy a quality tree and ensure you store it safely.


A Christmas tree symbolizes Christ, and that is why it is the main Christmas attraction.  That explains why most people strive to get a tree that is beautiful and authentic. Unfortunately, the assumption is that faux Christmas trees will not bring out authenticity.

But thanks to technology, it is now possible to get an artificial tree that will offer you the natural beauty you will get from a real Christmas tree. If you buy from the right company, you will get a tree that looks real, and people will not even tell that it is plastic.

Imagine celebrating this festive season without having to sacrifice a beautiful tree. That will mean you will enjoy your festivities and bring joy to the world without destroying a healthy tree.


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With an artificial Christmas tree, you will enjoy its convenience to your festivities. These trees come packed in compact cardboard that can fit in a car and get delivered to your doorstep. Besides, these trees have a sturdy stand design which helps to reduce the risk of the tree leaning or to tip over.

If you want added convenience, consider getting a pre-lit tree. With these trees, you will have an easy setup, and the cleaning process will be fast. In fact, most Christmas trees come pre-lit, so you can skip the lighting part and go straight to decorating the faux tree.

Come In Different Sizes

If you have limited space to display your Christmas tree, consider buying an artificial tree. Since they come in different sizes, you can choose to get the one that suits your space. Besides, you will also not have to deal with the mess of real trees like the sticky spa and falling needles.

It is possible to get artificial trees as small as a foot long and set them up on the table. But, if you want a large tree, you can get one that is 12-feet. The best part about artificial trees is that there is something for everyone, so you will not have to compromise.

Safer Option

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Real trees are dangerous and setting them up in your home or office can be a fire hazard when they start drying out. So, the safer option is getting an artificial tree, since most are made using flame-resistant materials. Without a doubt, this makes the faux tree the safer option.

But that does not imply that you should be irresponsible when using electrical devices near the tree. It only means that the faux tree will be less damaged than a real one in the case of a spark.

Forever Green

When you get a real Christmas tree, you have to water it every day to prevent it from wilting. That is not the case when you buy an artificial Christmas tree. With the faux tree, you will enjoy the splendor of the festivities without stressing whether your tree will dry out or not.

Besides having a tree that needs little maintenance and upkeep, it comes with stems that have lifelike adjustable effects. The pine needles can also branch out in different directions, which gives you unlimited decorating options.

Do Not Cause Allergies

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If you live with allergies, getting a real Christmas tree might not be the best option. Live trees carry molds, dust, and pollen in their branches. As a result, they can make those with allergies feel miserable.

If you or anyone who lives in your home is prone to allergies, consider getting an artificial tree. The tree will enable you to enjoy the parties and festivities without causing anyone’s allergies to act up. Since no one will be sneezing or having an allergic reaction, all those in your home can focus on having a great time.

Value for Your Money

It might be costly to get an artificial tree compared to getting a live one. But given that the fake Christmas tree will stay with you for many years, they will have better value than the live trees over time. If you want the tree to serve you for a long time, invest in tote boxes specifically designed for Christmas trees.

If you are searching for a way to cut the money you spend during the Christmas season, start investing in a faux tree. Besides saving your trip to buy a tree each year, you will also save on the money you spent trying to dispose of the tree.

Buy an Artificial Christmas Tree Today

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Now that you understand the reasons to get an artificial tree, go shop for the best. You will only get the benefits highlighted above if you get a quality artificial Christmas tree. If you compromise on quality, you might have to repeat the process. Therefore, it is crucial to take your time to research to get the best artificial tree that will serve you for years.