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7 Ways Adult Entertainment Industry is Benefiting From Technology

The golden rule of technology says that when a new device hits the market, the porn industry is looking for a way to make the most of it. And indeed, it succeeds in that. If we look at the global market, we will see that the porn industry is worth $ 100 billion, or that it holds 10% of the total global market. The adult entertainment industry is often considered to be one of the most advanced when it comes to harnessing technology.

The porn industry is getting stronger year by year. In the 50s, 8mm short films were so popular but too short. You could see women undressing and posing in topless. These “glamour movies” were very popular and 8mm cameras were cheap and affordable, so it became standard in the porn industry until the next happened.

Let’s just remember the 80s and 90s when people massively bought videotapes with erotic and pornographic content. It is thanks to explicit content that VHS sales have jumped significantly. Video rental clubs were constantly crowded, and shelves with this “naughty” content were frequented by the bravest. Shy would remain short-sleeved. Several years later, the DVD came up and was too expensive. Then the Internet appeared and became available to everyone. People no longer had to rent VHS and DVDs, but could directly access a collection that is not seen in video stores. So, can we say that the adult entertainment industry is benefiting from technology? The answer is yes, and we are going to see how.

1. Connected 24/7

Is there any better news for an adult who is a great fan of such movies that, thanks to the technology that is evolving and improving every day, he has access to his favorite content whenever he wants? On Bachelorblog you can read more about the most popular porn sites. While there is a lot of free content, there is one that you will only be able to see if you enter your credit card number first. Best of all, the content is categorized, so you don’t have to waste time looking for exactly the genre you want. Ever since it was established, this industry was considered to be one of the most advanced. Another important thing to emphasize is that adult entertainment channels were always the most profitable on the Internet.

Precisely because there is a lot of free content, the porn industry has focused on advertising for a profit.

Source: Bustle

2. Mobile applications

Sure, many only visit a particular site, and many of them also have apps available for mobile phones. This is another of the many ways that the porn industry is benefiting greatly from the development of technology. However, we would say that this is a mutual benefit because the sales of mobile phones are growing, and applications are being used more.

What is interesting is that, twelve years ago, only 1% of mobile device users had access to adult content via their phone, and today that percentage is higher than 75%.

3. Payment online

It is known that you will only be able to access some sites if you pay. Again, thanks to technology, it is also possible to do this from the comfort of your home, ie the bed, judging by the content you are watching!

Source: Daily Mail

4. Porn runs the Internet

When we talk about the connection between the porn industry and technology, we can say that it is a mutual benefit, that is, that one benefits the development of another branch and vice versa. Why do we say this? Precisely because there are over 4 million such websites in the US market today. This brings us to an incredible 30,000,000 visitors.

5. Literature “for learning”

For many, sex is still a taboo topic and they feel uncomfortable talking about it with others. Thanks to the Internet, it is very easy to access many websites through which movies you will learn many techniques that will pleasantly surprise your partner in bed.

Source: Marie Claire Australia

6. VR and 3D

Technology has gone so far this time that it is possible that, with the help of VR glasses, you have virtual sex with more than 700 real porn stars. Along with the glasses you are staring through, there is also a remote control that does not look like hands on the screen. Thanks to him, you can touch your favorite star and simulate sex. Here we see the mutual benefit of the porn industry and technology, given that sales of these devices have grown significantly since how porn movies that can be watched through them were made.

7. Video calls

Video calls have also become popular thanks to the adult entertainment industry because clients have a chance to communicate with a porn star and to have as well as to see the porn movie he dreamed of, that is, to say what he wants from the other side. However, applications such as Face did not come to life because, to make a call, both parties must reveal phone numbers, which significantly endangers privacy.

Source: Housing Technology


Thus, we can say that technology and industry are closely intertwined and intertwined with each other’s benefits. We have seen that the porn industry finds its way and way of application in every new media device that appears on the market. On the other hand, we have a strengthening market, because, as we have already said, the porn industry holds 10% of the global. In other words, this industry contributes to the sale of various devices as well as the global use of the Internet.

As we can see, the development of technology has significantly influenced the development of AI, but it has badly affected some other branches, such as the print media. Magazine sales have dropped significantly, and we can say that it has stopped in the last few years.

Finally, what is interesting to mention is that some porn sites accept cryptocurrencies as a method of payment, which guarantees users anonymity and security. We believe that the adult entertainment industry will continue to grow, especially through this method of payment.