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10 best rated PrestaShop templates


On the Internet, appearance is important. In many cases you can really judge a website by its appearance! PrestaShop solution for e-commerce is built to take advantage of the advanced 2.0 innovations such as dynamic content driven AJAX and ergonomics future. PrestaShop guides users through product catalog intelligently and thoroughly, turning interested visitors into regular customers.

Merchants like “Back Office”, which is very easy to use and is intended for detailed setting of their “front office” and the e-commerce. The functions are added here regularly so traders do not have to depend on someone else to make setting the look and performance of their e-commerce. Web developers rates clean Structure of  PrestaShop code that can be easily adapted to the needs of users for fast changes. Thanks to the use of CSS and relocatable blocks modules, PrestaShop e-commerce can be adapted to small or medium-sized stores that often work with very tight deadlines.

If you need a simple and free e-commerce solution, PrestaShop is an excellent choice.

Below are 10 best rated PrestaShop templates for download:

EggThemes Urbanista – Fashion Theme

Eggthemes’ new theme for Fashion Prestashop Theme, ET Urbanista, is now released. With the theme, website will be shown in a super neat, clean and simple way to keep customers’ eyes on your products. Smart integrated extensions and modules maximize website functionality. There is no limit for number of categories you can create with Mega Menu. Impressive slideshow with beautiful visual effects and information block highlights the most important information you want to introduce to your customers. Moreover, tab effect will save much space for the website to make it faster and more well-organized. Download here.




Kids Store Responsive Prestashop – CentriKids

Parents always keep the best thing for their kids. Being a trusted place for all parents is a good way to be a successful child care business. CentriKids gathers all essential features to be a frequent re-visited eCommerce site of the parents. It would be a great assistant to boost your sales, brand, and reputation. It is special designed to attract not only the parents’ attention but also the kids’. Color and textures are skillfully combined to deliver a quality shopping for both parents and kids. Slideshow with large image, nice transition, and amazing economic effects for promotional content shows up at an opencast place that no one can ignore. A theme can’t be a quality one without powerful features which helps you better management and customers more comfortable shopping. Mega Menu contains massive product information for your store. It brings a fast access to particular category and premium management tool for both clients and you. Product widgets being shown in carousel effect, makes the website superb clean and extremely informative. With no effort, suggesting products to the parents is no longer difficult. Many other functions are integrated to enhance your web performance. Download here.




Actiwear – Minimal Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Actiwear, is where simplicity and flexibility work best. Red and black in the classic white background. A neat, clean layout in which featured product categories are well-organized. It seems to be simple but it is effective in helping customers easily find out what they look for. It is flexible to custom the theme by your own with Theme setting features. You can change template default color, product grid view, background image, etc., Everything depends on how you want, just make the theme most fit your business. In Actiwear, you will find all you need for an online fashion store. A drop-down menu which allows you to show more than just name and price of products but also its image and other basic information to provide for customers. A slideshow to display your most attractive items. The huge number of products can be classified into groups by product module. Special product module puts Sales products into a certain category and sticks a Sales Off sign on it. To make it more interesting, slider feature is equipped. And, for marketing purpose, social networks are all included. Download here.

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Responsive Dress Store PrestaShop Theme – InStyle

Presthemes proudly introduce one of the finest Prestashop templates for online fashion store – InStyle. Presthemes InStyle has an amazing look which brings visitors exciting feel. And, as the shop owner, you will be surprised with its powerful features. First, Presthemes InStyle is a responsive design that makes you will not need mobile version to make your online store look beautiful in mobile devices. Your site is always perfectly ready for customers to shop anytime, in any device they want. Secondly, there is no more blank, boring background. With InStyle, your site’s background can be interesting with image and style. If you want to make it more stylish, Theme Editor feature will be helpful. Free custom color, google font for many elements, two css modes for box and wide, and Products Grid and List view, you are good to go. In terms of feature, Mega Menu Block provides dropdown options, Slideshow with many impressive slider effect, Quickview and one-step Add to cart are all aimed to give your site the foundation to best serve customers and boost the sale. Moreover, you can choose to use the Blog function to support your relationship with customers besides social networks. Still, many other amazing things about PresthemesInStyle for you to explore. So that, either you are planning to open an online store with Prestashop or you are running one but finding the new look and feel for the site, you are at the right place. Download here.

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ET Toys Store PrestaShop Template

Eggthemes ToyStore is especially designed as a eCommerce solution for online toy shops. This template attracts visitors right at the first time they see, with its fun, cheerful and eye-catchy color blocks in homepage. Eggthemes ToyStore is aimed to serve new online store owners, who do not know too much about technology and want a simple business management system. So that, a light, neat and organized layout and user-friendly features of this theme are just perfect. Having few features does not make Eggthemes ToyStore less useful. A big slideshow, drop-down menu,featured product extension, tab and slide effect are highlights of this template. These features create a impression at first and later comfort customer’s shopping experience. Some extra functions such as social network, shop information and customer account are equipped sufficiently. With Eggthemes ToyStore, online toy shop owners no longer have to struggle with managing a massive number of product or finding ways to impress visitors. Download here.




Wedding Responsive Prestashop Theme – WeddingDay

An inspiring full-width slideshow, some pastel colors and creativity have made an amazing template for wedding websites – WeddingDayAlthough it looks simple, WeddingDay still shines every one items in the site with a neat, well-organized layout and creative page structure as well as visual effects. The theme was also featured with a big package of most trendy features and functions for Prestashop templates. Featured products are sorted out in categories, featured categories are displayed under scroll effect and a mega menu is very helpful in guiding customers to their favorite products. A friendly search engine, multiple language and currency are all supported to make sure customers happily and conveniently shop in your store. And, very importantly, Responsive Web Design feature is fully supported in this template and save your money in mobile version for your website. Download here.




Shopcart Prestashop – Enhance User Experience

ShopCart is a very powerful PrestaShop theme which suits both store owners who want nice looking, easy to customise theme and developers, who are looking for a powerful, easy to customize solution for their customers. Even if you have no knowledge about programming, editing themes or HTML / CSS you will be able to change your store appearance in no time! All that thanks to our advanced, powerful option panel which allows you to change not only elements colours, but also change theme’s backgrounds,upload your own full size image background or your own pattern! And if you need more customisation options, we put into this theme support for almost 300 Google fonts which can be easily selected through drop down menu! Enhance your customers user experience with this beautiful, powerful Prestashop theme. Compatible with the latest versions of Prestashop, this theme comes with 3 additional modules allowing you to completely change the way your store looks like in a matter of minutes! Download here.




Responsive Supermarket PrestaShop Theme – GoMarket

EggThemes Go Market refers to special theme for marketplace, supermarket online. Whenever you customers are, they can experience your super rich, and impressive product range. An extremely neat and clean layout avoids unexpected distraction as well as messy look. Wow, what you see on the left side of the home page is vertical mega menu which is much more comfortable to follow, watch and keep track within the website. Beautiful visual effect of revolution slideshow, and promotion static block will space up your website to promote hottest deal. Tab effect shows others product in categories, yet keep it really well-organized. Product modules, and extra footer make it more informative and also easier to know your greatest offers. Download here.

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Responsive PrestaShop Template – ET Boutique

Design is optimized for all the most popular screen resolutions. When screen is resized, design elements are transformed smoothly on each breakpoint (from 240 to 1680 pixels) in order to adapt to the current resolution. Breakpoints at: 320px, 480px, 768px, 1024px, 1200px. 4 color presets and powerful custom colors and custom fonts – Module CS Theme Editor. Powerful custom column and products grid – Module Cs Theme Editor. Quick search in header with autocomplete; Mini dropdown cart; Newsletter; One page checkout; Product Review; Product Comment; Product Accessories; Zoom and Light box product thumbnail. Download here.

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Responsive PrestaShop Theme – BestChoice

When named it “Bestchoice”, we know this is the best choice as a budget ecommerce solution for Prestashop users. Presthemes proudly introduce Prestashop BestChoice, with a modern design and powerful features, will be able to create a wonderful job. On the neat and clean layout, Prestashop BestChoice has a impressive slideshow, a very unique menu design and rational organization. Together, all the attributes created an interesting and exciting look for the template. In term of features, users will find all they need for their online store. To sort out a massive number of products, mega menu provides a best solution. Slider effect is used besides Featured product module to make shopping even more convenient and fun for customers. Especially, Theme setting function allows user to custom the template become their very style and most fit the business. Download here.

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